Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Third Times a Charm?

We headed to Austin to get Rhett's third Doc Band fitted.  We were so thankful that daddy could go with us this time since it was going to be a long day.  Rhett had 2 appointments....one in the morning to get the helmet, and then another one in the afternoon to do a skin check.

We usually use our Snap N Go stroller with the twins because we can just leave them in the car seats....it is just easy and convenient.  You can literally "snap" them in and go!  But I noticed last week that Rhys' legs were getting really cramped in the stroller (she rides in the back "seat").  I knew it was time to make the switch over to our GIANT stroller.  We usually only use the big one for walks or when we are going to be out for a long time.  We decided it was time to make the switch and we took it to Austin.

When we got there, I noticed that my little babies looked SO BIG in their new ride.  I had to take a picture!

Then we headed in to get Rhett's band.  He was a champ, as usual, and flirted with all the girls in the office.  After they put it on him we had to wait about 30 minutes so the orthotist could see where it needed to be trimmed, where it was rubbing his skin, etc.  The twins played in the room for a while, and then crawled all around the office.  Since we have been there so much, one of the girls was teasing that they need to name one wing of their office after Rhett.  The twins enjoyed playing with all of their fun toys while we waited.

we love these cool toys! 

why are you always taking pictures of me, mom?

After the band was trimmed and adjusted to fit Rhett's little head, we went to meet my sister, Caydee, for lunch.  Caydee is a nanny and keeps a precious little girl named Ava.  Ava was born just one day after the twins, and so they are forever friends.  Of course R&R just adore their Aunt Caydee and were so excited to spend a couple hours with her too!

Here are Rhys and Ava hanging out in the stroller.  Rhys loved having another girl to play with!

girl time

After we ate lunch, we headed outside to the nice playground at Central Market.  The kids had a great time crawling around and tried to eat as much dirt as we would allow.

 Aunt Caydee and Rhett playing a game

 Rhett's new buddy

 Rhys spent most of her time doing this...

 and this...

Caydee and Ava

we love the playground!

After our fun play time, we headed back to Cranial Technologies for Rhett to get his head looked at.  The orthotist had to make one small adjustment and then we were ready to go.  They went over all of the helmet care and "rules" with us again.  I think I could probably give a seminar on how to care for the helmet with all of the practice I have had!  HA!  

The babies were exhausted from our busy morning, but daddy needed to stop by REI on the way home to get some stuff.  So daddy shopped and the babies and I strolled.  They looked like this the entire time we were there.  

tired babies

This will be Rhett's final helmet.  He will wear it for 3-5 months, all depending on how fast or slow his little head grows.  His old helmet got too small about 2 weeks ago, so we have enjoyed cuddling with a soft, plastic free head.  I was worried that Rhett would have a hard time adjusting to wearing the helmet again since he has been out of it for 2 weeks and since he is older now and more aware of it, but he has done fine.  He is a lot more active these days, and so his little head gets SO sweaty.  Rhett even sweats while he naps.  Once every couple hours, I take off the helmet and dry his hair.  Wow....it really stinks.  

Of course we are going to decorate the helmet again, but haven't decided on a design yet.  If you have a great idea, let us know.  We never thought we'd be designing 3 helmets, but third time's a charm, right?

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