Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

The children's ministry at our church puts on an annual "Breakfast with Santa" and I have been looking forward to taking the twins for a while now.  We were excited that Bdad and Gram were also here visiting for the weekend, so they were able to join us.

We started our morning visiting with our children's minister, Ms. Tina.  She gave each child a mug with hot cocoa mix inside.  R&R adore Ms. Tina and we are so thankful for her love and service to the children at Northside.

Then we made our way to see Santa! The auditorium was dark and there was a nice fire glowing in the fireplace (or on the screen) and it was a nice touch to the ambiance.  

When we got closer to Santa, Rhys started digging her nails into my shoulder.  She was freaking out a little bit.  It was at this point that I lowered my expectations on the quality of Santa pic that we were going to get this year.  Bdad took Rhett right up to Santa to see what he would do.

Rhett was cautious, but he seemed to be okay with it all at first.  I think he would have done okay if he hadn't seen Rhys getting upset.

Then we just decided to hand the babies to Santa and snap a picture as quick as we could.  This was what happened:

Well, that went better than expected.

After Santa pics were complete, we rescued the twins and took them to have a nice pancake breakfast.  Once they saw the red and green pancakes, all the tears disappeared and we were having fun again!

 Rhett making sure we get plenty of marshmallows to eat with our pancakes

enjoying a yummy breakfast (Rhett wanted strawberries/Rhys wanted bananas/I got the pancakes!)

We were so thrilled that our friends Nathan and Ryland were also there for the fun. 

Ryland showing Rhys a video...he is so sweet with her!

 Rhett hanging out with Gram

SO fun to see a very dear friend Allison and her daughter Bethany who were in town visiting

Rhett exploring with Bdad

After a yummy breakfast, we made ornaments.  Rhys made a candy cane and Rhett made a gingerbread man.  They smell so good and are hanging proudly on our tree!

We had a wonderful time!  Thank you Northside!