Monday, April 16, 2012

Will Run for Ice Cream!

This past weekend we went to Brenham for the 34th annual Blue Bell Fun Run.  Blue Bell hosts the event to raise money for the Brenham High School Athletic Program.  This race was always one of my dad's favorites....he loved high school sports and he loved Blue Bell ice cream.  What is unique about this race is that you get to eat all the ice cream you want after you cross the finish line!  We all decided that my dad would be proud if we continued to do the run each year, so we did.   My mom did a wonderful job hosting us all, as usual, and we had a fun weekend! 

Here are Rhett and Rhys getting ready before the race.  Don't they look excited?  (It was just about nap time when the race started.)  

There was a record 4500 registrants for the race this year!

R&R did great during the race.  They loved looking around and watching all the excitement.

Some of our friends joined us for the race.  April and Kathryn were some of Caydee's college roommates and have become close friends of our family.  This was our 2nd year to race with them.
April (and little Maddie), Misty (with R&R), and Kathryn (with baby Ben)

Yay!  We finished!

And then...

The best part of the Blue Bell Fun Run...

Can you tell that Tim was really excited about the ice cream?  How else do you think I got him to sign up to run?  I think he ate 4 ice cream bars.  And no, I'm not kidding.

Rhys enjoyed a taste of my strawberry fruit bar.  She really just wanted to chew on the stick.

Rhett wasn't in the mood for ice cream this morning.  He took one little taste of daddy's ice cream sandwich and was finished.

After the race we just visited with friends while enjoying our ice cream. 
 Rhys trying to keep up with Ben

 Rhys with Uncle Sean

Rhett with Uncle Sean

the fam...Caydee, Me with Rhett, Brandy, Sugar with Rhys, and Sean

I loved how many families were out doing the race together.  We saw tons of strollers with babies, kids, and even lots of dogs.  Check out this pooch cheering on the runners....
Is it a Blue Bell Cow or a puppy?

Rhett & Rhys have now completed their 2nd race!  We hope to be able to continue to do the Blue Bell run each year.  It won't be long and R&R will be running right along with us!  

After the race we went back to my mom's house.  We had lots of company and it was so much fun.  Kathryn and April brought their babies over.   My best friend, Jenny, drove over from East Bernard with her 2 boys (Jake & Easton) to spend the afternoon with us.  My cousin, Heather, and her kids (Zach & Zoe) also came to join in on the fun.  There were 8 kids age 3 and was crazy!

Lots of playing going on!

the little boys build a tower with Tim

Rhys loves her Sugar!

Rhett getting tickled by Uncle Sean & Aunt Caydee

I was so excited that Jenny was able to come over.  It was the first time for me to meet sweet baby Easton!

Jake, her 3 year old, was so much fun to be with, too.

Of course the babies became fast friends.
Easton and Rhett playing times have changed!  I love this picture of Jenny and me and our babies.

After lunch we sat out on the back patio and watched Jake and Zoe swim.  They were so cute together!
Even Zach braved the cold pool water!

Uncle Sean and Aunt Brandy (and baby Landry due in August!) lounged in the rockers.

 Easton decided to nap while we were all outside.

When he woke up, I was thrilled to get a few baby snuggles.

Daddy and Rhett enjoyed the nice weather.

We all had such a nice time together.  After our friends left we went inside for some dinner, and then there was a knock at the door.  My Uncle Don and Aunt Ruby had driven over and surprised us with a visit!  A bonus to an already great day!
Rhett "visiting" with Uncle Don!

What a wonderful weekend....can't wait til next time!  

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