Saturday, January 26, 2013

You Might Be a Twin If...

10.  You are really good at sharing.

9.  You are able to contort your body into spaces that were meant for one.

8.  You can entertain yourself while your mom takes care of the other one.

7.  You think it is fun to feed yourself "airplane" style.

6.  You get trapped in a shower to play so your mom can get ready.

5.  You understand that hugs are available 24/7.

4.  You have ever been referred to as "Thing 1 and Thing 2."

3.  You think everyone has twins.

2.  You don't know what it is like to swing alone.

1.  You have a best friend for life!

19 Months....In Pictures

I feel like I am soooooo far behind on my blog!  I'm going to try to catch up.  :)   I know I've been saying that for the past 6 months, but I am really am going to do it.  Hopefully.

19 Months -
*schedule stayed the same from 18 months (still on 2 naps a day)
*big appetites
*lots of energy
*enjoy being outside

For our 19 month post, I just want to share some of my favorite pictures from the month.

 playing at the neighborhood playground

our big girl Rhysie

 first time for pig you think she liked them?

 love those chubby arms and legs!

 finding the perfect "punka"

 pumpkin patch with MOPS group friends

 Rhys let Rhett borrow her cool shoes because we couldn't find one of his!

 Rhett still loves playing with these balls


 snack while mommy cooks

 playing with play-doh and loving on some animals

 twin love

 doesn't Rhett look so much bigger than Rhys in this picture?

 happy boy

 let's stick together!

 riding the big slide with daddy

 love this boy!

morning jog with was COLD!

R&R organizing my bathroom drawer and the q-tips!

 Rhys eating crumbs out of her hi-chair....she is ALWAYS hungry!

 R&R playing with their cousin Landry

Sugar and her girls

 Rhys loved holding Landry

sweet cousins

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rhys' New Do

The week before Christmas, I decided to take Rhys to get her hair cut.  Originally, I was just going to trim it myself, but then got nervous that I would mess it up.  Her bangs were in her eyes and the back was starting to look like a mullet.  So we headed to Cool Cuts!

Rhett has gotten his hair cut twice, and he wasn't a fan either time.  Rhys was just the opposite!  She loved sitting in the car, and loved having someone comb her hair.  She never moved and just kept smiling at me and the hairdresser.

enjoying a movie and a snack

I love how her hair turned out!  Here is the front...

and the back...

So I Don't Forget...

At 21 months old, Rhett and Rhys are changing so fast and learning something new everyday.  It is exciting, but also makes me a bit emotional.  Even though the days are sometimes long and challenging, I am so very thankful for these days.  So many things I don't want to forget...

*Rhett adores Rhys and she is the first thing he asks for in the morning when I get him out of bed.  I love hearing that boy say "Weee?"

*Rhys is obsessed with cell phones.  She knows how to work my iPhone, and can quickly find the Veggie Tales app and scroll through pictures and videos.  She knows how to work the volume, get back to the "home" screen, and turn it off.  She usually only gets to hold my phone or play with it on special occasions, when we are out of town or out of the house on errands, etc.  While we are playing at home, however, she has become quite creative and can make a phone out of anything!  She will even use her hand as a phone if she doesn't have a toy.  Rhys usually jabbers while on her phone and if you ask her who she is talking to she will more than likely say it is "Guger" (Sugar - my mom).  She will jabber and then say "bye."

 Her favorite "phone", a rectangular block (she also texts on it!)

 Rhys busy on her phone while playing

using the Wii remote as a phone

Rhys' making a call during breakfast

*Both R&R love their stuff animals and love carrying them around all day long.  So fun to see them claim some as their own (Rhys-giraffe, frog, pig, sheep and Rhett-puppy, monkey).  They share them, fight over them, push them around in the shopping cart and laundry baskets....these animals get lots of love!

 Rhysie lovin on her lamb

hiding out with all the animals

 going shopping

Rhett bringing Rhys her animals 

*When Rhys is tired and I am holding her, she will gently rub my back with that sweet little hand.

*Rhett will run up to me throughout the day and just give me a hug....I hope this never stops!

Thank you, Lord, for these precious memories!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quack Quack!

This fall the weather was so nice, so we decided to make a trip to Boerne to feed the ducks and visit with Uncle Mike.

This was the twins' first encounter with ducks, other than the numerous books we have with pictures of them.  Rhys was a little scared at first, but warmed up quickly.  Rhett was not scared at all, and would walk right up to the ducks to hand them some bread.  Rhett didn't understand the concept of tearing off a small piece of bread and tossing it towards the ducks.  He would just throw down the whole piece of bread right by his feet and then watch the ducks come to him.  After a lot of practice, he started to get the hang of it.

Rhys didn't want to throw her bread down.  Instead, she wanted to just hold it and walk around with it. She didn't understand why those ducks were all following her and watching her every move!  She just didn't want to let go of the bread!  I actually found a small piece of bread in her fist when we got home that afternoon!  She had held onto it the whole way home!

 We had a lot of fun and were so glad that Uncle Mike (or "Mi" as the twins say) could join us.  The kids just love him and he is so sweet with them.  Looking forward to many more trips to Boerne to see the ducks!