Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Apple of My Eye

The twins are really into apples right now.  And when I say really, I mean really.  As in they call everything round and red an apple.  Oranges are apples.  Pears are apples.  The ornaments on every Christmas tree we saw this season....yep, they're all apples.  And they ask to eat apples  Red apples, green apples, dried apples, and their favorite...applesauce.

It is so funny to hear them ask for an apple.  They will say "Apple?" and then clap when I bring them one.  

sharing a snack before dinner


"your turn, Rhett"

So....another funny thing that is going on is that R&R are very interested in eyes.  They like to point to someone or something's eye, and label it.  Of course, I must repeat "eye" back or else they will just keep saying "eye...eye....eye....eye..." until I confirm that it is, indeed, an eye.  It all started back this fall when we visited the zoo and Rhett almost poked this goat's eye out.

Then they started noticing eyes in books.

On baby dolls.

On real babies, too.
Rhett doing tummy time with his cousin Landry and admiring her eyes!

And it continues on.  Actually, I think they sometimes get confused with the word "eye" and "hi."  If you come over and say "Hi!", Rhett will probably point to your eye and say "eye."  It is just his way of welcoming you into our home. 

Oh, Rhett and Rhys, YOU are the apple of my eye!