Friday, April 27, 2012

Rhys' Lovey Bear

Rhys has become very attached to her bear "lovey."  When she gets tired, she likes to hold it in her left hand, up by her ear, while she sucks her right thumb.  It looks something like this...

At first, the lovey would stay in her bed, and she loved to snuggle up with it at night.  This picture is blurry, but I was in a hurry.....had to sneak in her room to take a quick pic!  If she wakes up in the night, she reaches around for it until she finds it, buries it into her face, pulls it up by her ear, and usually falls right back to sleep.  (I know this thanks to our handy video monitor!)

Now Rhys likes to bring her lovey downstairs with her in the morning.  She will sometimes take a break from playing, find her lovey, and hold it like this...

 Or this...

Usually sucking her thumb while she holds it!

We always make sure we have it, especially when we are traveling.  It really helps to have it during nap time when we are in the van, too!

Here is a little video clip showing just how much Rhys loves her lovey!


  1. So precious! Sweet, sweet baby girl! Does Rhett not have a lovey? Or is he too "macho" for a lovey? :o) It was soooo good to see all of you last weekend. I hope it won't be so long until the next time!

    1. Rhett has the same lovey (but blue) but doesn't seem to care about it. I keep trying to get him to love it but so far it's not working. LOL
      So good to see you too, and I hope our next visit is a little longer and soon. Love ya!