Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Beach Pictures

While we were in Galveston last week, I wanted to take some pictures of the kids and of our family on the beach.  Of course, the morning we decide to take pictures, the kids were not really in the mood.  Rhett just wanted to chase birds, and Rhys wanted to be held the entire time.  We were able to get a few good ones, though...

pointing to a bird!

 there Rhett goes chasing a bird again...

 watching the waves with Sugar

 my favorite

 my other favorite

 being silly to avoid meltdowns

 Rhett is DONE

 time for a break

 a quick pep talk

 it's not working

can we go play yet?

of course Pig was in on the action, too

So thankful for digital cameras, grandma, Pig, beach birds, and God's beautiful creation!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Galveston Trip

Last week we went to Galveston for a little fun in the sun (and rain) with our family.  My mom has a timeshare and she so graciously invited us to spend a week with her there.

 view from the room

I loved that the rooms are literally right on the beach.  We only had to walk down this deck to get from the hotel to the beach.

Rhett and Rhys were so happy to finally get there!  

I think we overpacked.  :)

While we unloaded, Sugar took R&R on a ride.

We were anxious to get to the beach, but it started raining.  So we watched the rain from the balcony.
 notice Rhys has her sunglasses on....she was ready!

rain rain, go away!

The hotel told us that they would have 2 cribs waiting for us for the kids to use.  They were just a little bit smaller than we imagined.

It's a good thing I had bought these blow-up toddler beds just in case!  Tim and Uncle Sean got right to work on setting them up.

I was a little bit nervous as to how the kids would sleep since they are used to cribs at home, but as you can see, Rhys thought the bed was great.

Rhett took advantage of being away from home and enjoyed sleeping in the king size bed!  With all of his animals and babies to keep him company, of course.

We woke up the next morning to MORE rain!

It looked like it was clearing off, so we got ready and went downstairs.  But the rain continued.  So we visited the "Activity Center" and painted some wooden snakes.

Then we danced with Aunt Caydee.

We jumped on the bed.

And waited for the rain to stop.  Finally, Monday afternoon we were able to go out.  This was R&R's first time to visit the beach.

 first mini sand castle with Uncle Sean

 exploring with Aunt Caydee and Uncle Sean

We were only out for a short time, and the rain clouds were rolling back in.  We headed back in to our rooms just before the rain hit again.

We woke up the next morning to a beautiful day.  We decided to visit the pool first.  To my surprise, R&R loved it!  After just a few minutes, they became really comfortable and didn't even really want us to hold them.  After a couple days of swimming, both were kicking, blowing bubbles, and Rhett would even jump in off the side.

Daddy grilled some hot dogs for lunch.

After naps, we headed out to the beach.  I was really surprised how much Rhys liked playing in the sand, and how much Rhett did not like it.  Rhett didn't like his hands to be "dirty" and kept crying when his feet would get sandy.  Rhys sat right down and got busy playing.  She liked walking around collecting shells and pretended to "cook" them in her bucket by stirring.

We had 3 full days of fun with lots of good memories...

Rhys enjoying her snack

 feeding the seagulls

Rhett with a mouth full of bread and Rhys caught sneaking a bite of the bread!

 enjoying a smoothie (or "moovie") for breakfast
 R&R both loved running up and down this hill

dinner and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Sugar

 yummy popsicle treats

 snuggle time with Sugar (and Pig) after a full day of swimming

 Rhys walked up and down this deck like she owned the place.  Ha!

 playing in the sand with mommy.  Rhett was so not into it.

 night time cuddles with Sugar

what a comfy bed!

Aunt Caydee made a sheet fort for the kids to play in

The most exciting part of our trip was when we had just come in from a day on the beach.  The kids were watching a video while we were getting dinner ready.  All of a sudden, the fire alarm started going off.  First, we thought it was just in our room, but after looking down the hallway, we realized it was an alarm for the whole building.  We quickly got on our shoes and headed down the stairs.

As everyone gathered down by the pool, a hotel employee came and told us that we needed to move to the front of the building.  We did, and that is when we saw 2 firetrucks pull into the parking lot.

We did not have time to get shoes for R&R before we left the room, and they were getting heavy to hold, so we went and got this luggage rack for them to sit on. They were very quiet and unsure of what was going on (and were tired and hungry) but did so great while we waited.

We finally learned that a small pipe had busted which had set off the entire alarm system.  We were not able to go back into our rooms until the service repairman arrived and fixed the problem.  While we waited outside, we met some new friends from Fort Worth and got eaten up by mosquitos in the process.  When the chaos died down, and we were allowed to go back to our rooms, R&R kept pointing to the fire alarms through the building saying "youd mommy, youd." (LOUD, mommy, LOUD).  For the rest of our time there, every time we were in the halls they would say this.  It was loud!

We had such a great week and loved spending so much time with family.  We were even able to get a few family pictures on the beach.  I hope to post those soon.  We made some wonderful memories...can't wait to go back next year!