Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Year Ago...

Just one year ago, we were two very chubby 6 month old babies.  Weren't we cute?  One of us smiled all day and the other spit up all day.  (Any guesses as to which twin was doing what?)

Life was pretty good.  We worked hard at tummy time...

And watched lots of Aggie football...

This was pretty much the most exciting part of our day...

We adored our daddy and couldn't wait to spend our evenings with him...

Our mom took lots of pictures of us together because we hadn't figured out how to roll/crawl/run away from her yet...

We thought our mom was so funny when she would make those faces at us to get us to smile at her camera...

And we loved spending time together as a family...

But we are growing up fast!  We are now 18 months old and our mom and dad can hardly believe it!   They have been looking at pictures and talking about when we were just babies.  Don't tell my mom we told you this, but she has even gotten emotional lately about us growing up!  We love life and thank you for being a part of it.  Watch out world....here we come!

Monday, September 17, 2012

18 Months

R&R are now 18 months old!  They are becoming more and more active each day, and we love watching them "play" together.  They are really into doing the same things at the same time right now.  If one is getting a drink of water, the other one needs a drink.  If one is throwing balls, the other one wants to throw balls.

sitting in our baby chairs that mommy was trying to pack away! 

watching the birds in the back yard together

Our Schedule at 18 Months:
7 a.m. - Wake 
7:30 - Breakfast
9:30 - Nap
10:30 - I wake them up (they would sleep another hour here if I would let them)
11:30 - Lunch
1:30 p.m. - Nap
3:30-4 - Wake up
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Bed

I tried to drop down to just one nap a day and it backfired.  With only one nap, they were only sleeping about 1.5 hours the whole day, were screaming at bedtime, and waking up super early in the morning.  I realized quickly that they were becoming over-tired, and we went back to our two nap schedule.  After a few days, they were back on track and taking good naps for me again!  

Rhett at 18 Months:
*weighs 26 pounds
*wears some 12-18 months clothes, but mostly 18-24 months
*size 4 diapers
*size 5 shoe
*Words:  Ball, Momma, Dada, Water (wah-wah), Cracker, Up and about 15 signs

*favorite foods:  cauliflower, all kinds of berries, grilled chicken, cheese
*still hates to get his diaper and/or clothes changed
*loves to be held, read to, and kissed on

Our boy still loves to play with all kinds of balls and is usually seen carrying several with him throughout the house.

 He also likes to take balls outside when we play.

Rhett thought the really big ball in front of Target was SO cool!

Rhett still loves his milk and can often be found with Rhys' milk cup too.  He sometimes steals it and she sometimes just gives it to him.

As part of Rhett's physical therapy, he and I take a walk down to our mailbox each afternoon.  He is not very confident walking on uneven surfaces, and it usually takes us a good 20 minutes to go there and back.  Since Rhett usually wakes up a few minutes before Rhys, we head out for our walk right when he wakes up.  I love our special time together.

Rhett is such a good eater and will eat almost anything we put on his plate.  I usually cut up apple slices for the twins, but on this day he wanted to try the whole thing by himself!

Rhett got his first haircut this month and it makes him look SO grown up!  You can read the whole story here.

Rhys at 18 Months:
*weighs 22 lbs, 4 oz
*wears size 12-18 month clothing
*size 4 diapers 
*size 4 shoe
*Words:  Momma, Dada, Bubba (what she calls Rhett), up and about 30 signs
*Favorite foods:  avocado, shredded cheese, banana, oatmeal
*very observant and notices anything that is different or new
*loves her stuffed animals and carries them around all day

Rhys would rather be outside than inside, and loves to gather up little things in her bucket.  I was trying to teach her to sort (I'm a kindergarten teacher at heart, remember?) but she just wanted to take the leaves/rocks/sticks out and put them back in again.

Rhys is such a girly girl and always reminds me to put a bow on her when we are going somewhere.  She will pat her head and go stand by the drawer where I keep the bows.  Here she is carrying around my purse.  Love it!

Rhys still loves to sit in baskets, still loves her stuffed animals, and still sucks her thumb.  If she even sees a stuffed animal across the room, she will start sucking her thumb and run to it.  She has such a tender heart.

This is Rhys and her buddy, Ryland.  She loves to go to Sunday school with him.

Rhys really loves this cozy coupe, and is enjoying her ride with Ryland.

The girl loves boxes and baskets and anything she can fit into!

Rhys definitely has her own style!

Putting on makeup with mommy.

R&R love bath time.....and definitely need a bath almost every day!  Sugar got us some cool glow sticks to play with in the tub!

The twins play well together most of the time.  One day they figured out how to empty out their ball pit in the living room.

 So proud of themselves! (and look at those chubby thighs on Rhett!)

I said they play well together most of the time!  Ha ha!

Other fun things about this month:

We started using play-doh!

Uncle Matt came to visit and celebrate daddy's birthday with us.

We ate dinner outside one evening (since R&R's clothes were soaking wet from playing in the water table!)

Lots of snuggle time with each other! (notice Rhett has 2 balls in his hand!)

Hard to believe 1.5 years has passed.  Love these 2 little people and so thankful for them!

17 Months

17 months is such a fun age!  The twins are so interested in each other right now....sometimes love to play together and sometimes love to torment each other...

 Rhett giving Rhys a hug

 Rhys pats Rhett on the back when he gets upset

The twins love to play together now, and I love to watch them.  Rhys always wants Rhett to follow her around and do what she wants (hmmm.....I wonder where she gets that from?) Rhett is pretty easy going and is usually happy to be left alone with his ball.

If one is having fun doing something, the other must join in.  Here the twins are taking a morning ride through the kitchen to check out the back yard.

They also love to get into trouble together!  Here they are dropping toys into the bath tub.  And this is why we usually keep the door to bathroom closed!

Climbing behind the shelf....a "no no spot"

Looks innocent, right?

Well, this is what was really going on...

 Rhett got into the cabinet after she had brought all of her toys over to play in the cabinet.  She was on her last trip and he jumped in.  Poor Rhys....being a twin is so hard sometimes.

But then Rhett made it up to her and let her borrow one of his shoes.  Rhys is obsessed with Rhett's crocs right now.  She has her own, but she really likes his black ones.  Here she is sporting one croc while they both practice throwing balls at my face.

Rhett at 17 Months:
*wears size 12-18 month clothes
*size 4 diaper
*size 4-5 shoe
*favorite food - blueberries, cauliflower, cheese, peas
*favorite toy - plastic balls
*walking more and more every day
*very independent and likes to play alone
*snuggly and loves to be held, especially right before bed
*hates to get his diaper changed 
*loves to play outside, especially in the water table and sand box

Rhett loves, loves, loves playing with a ball.  His favorite ones are the little plastic ones that are usually a part of a bigger toy.  He loves to crawl around with them, throw them, and see how many he can hold at once.  He has pretty good aim!  He even started wanting to take a ball with him to sleep with.  And we let him.  :)  We actually laugh about this because one night we put him to bed and he started screaming about 5 minutes later.  Tim jokingly said, "I bet he dropped his ball."  Sure enough, I went to check on him and he was standing up pointing to the ball that had dropped and fallen through one of the crib slats onto the floor.  Once I handed it to him, he relaxed and laid back down.  This happened again a few nights later, and so then we decided to put the bumper pads on his crib.  Now the balls stay in the bed.  Rhett is happy, and we don't have to wake up every night to replace the balls.  :)

When Rhett hears a noise, he makes this really funny dramatic face and starts looking all around the room.  It is hilarious and looks something like this...

Rhett is becoming more active, more mobile, and definitely more brave.  Here is one of his favorite spots to "hide."

He also loves to sit in the window sill and watch cars drive by.  

Rhys at 17 Months:
*wears size 12-18 month clothes (can wear 6-12 month dresses)
*size 4 diaper
*size 4 shoe
*favorite food - bananas, cheese, any kind of cracker, chicken
*favorite toy - stuffed animals
*runs everywhere!
*very social and likes to be around other kids
*loves to wear shoes and bows
*loves to play outside (collecting acorns, rocks, and leaves)
*still sucks her thumb, but only when tired or going to sleep

Rhys loves, loves, loves her stuffed animals!  She is always carrying around at least one.  These dogs seem to be her favorite right now.

I had gotten the Bumbo chair out for my friend's baby to sit in during play group, and Rhys decided that she should try it out first. 

She loves to climb on things, and will make a stool out of anything!  Rhys also loves to find a little seat for herself.  She will sit on the toy drum, a throw pillow, or a basket.  Maybe I should buy her a little chair!

Rhys just started this thing where she will walk around with her hands behind her back.  She is usually babbling about something she does this.  We think it is pretty funny.

The twins are also really into kissing and hugging right now.  They of course make the "mmmmm" sound before the kiss.  It is really cute, and I'm sure this stage won't last too long so we are enjoying it while it lasts!

Rhys even kisses her boyfriend, Ryland sometimes.  Or sometimes her other boyfriend Caleb.  Tim thinks it is cute right now, but I'm sure one day he will stop encouraging the affection.  :)

Rhys shares a kiss with her sweet friend Ryland

R&R both started speech therapy this month.  They both babble all day long, but have few actual words.  Rhys can say "mama, dada, and bubba" and signs about 30 words.  Rhett's first was "ball" which is so appropriate.  Haha!  He can also say "mama, dada, cracker, and wawa" (water).  Rhett also signs about 10 words.  They do enjoy talking to each other, and although we have no idea what they are saying, they seem to get along just fine.

Our Schedule at 17 Months:
7am - Wake
7:30 - Breakfast
9:15 - Nap
10:30 - Wake
11:30 - Lunch
1:30 - Nap
3:30/4:00- Wake & Snack
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Bed

The twins are still great eaters and love food!  We are practicing using a spoon some.  Ugh....I will admit I don't do it enough because I hate the mess.  Rhett's occupational therapist encourages me to let them try more often.  I'm working on it...

They still take 2 naps a day most days of the week, except when we have play group, ladies bible class, or MOPS.  I usually have to wake them from both naps.  Our schedule is really flexible now and seems to change often.  We do try to play outside at least once every day.  I have started taking the kids down to our neighborhood park.  They love to watch the big kids and play on the train.

What a fun month we have had!  Time, can you please slow down?  Sure do love these 2 crazy kids!