Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Year!

Never thought the day would come when my babies would turn ONE!  They seem so much older now and are definitely quickly moving away from the "baby" phase.  This is such a fun time as we can really see their different personalities forming.  Yes, our hands are full, and yes we are super busy.  But we are loving it!

I love this picture, even though R&R aren't smiling, because I think they look so much alike.  They have the exact same color hair and the exact same blue eyes.

 holding hands for a pic

 The twins love playing together now, and sometimes that means sharing toys.  Well, we are learning all about sharing.  Even if we have 2 of something, they always want what the other one has.  Such is life as a twin....
"Rhys!!!  Give it back!"

But they also play really well together, too.  Here they are being highly entertained by the door stopper.  

taking turns making a funny noise!

Books have become very popular around here.  Of course, they like to take them all out at once!  But that is one thing that I don't mind cleaning up over and over again!  R&R have figured out which books make noise, and sometimes like to push all the buttons at once.

They do play well independently, but it seems like they are really interested in what the other is doing right now.  I brought this Jumper toy downstairs to put in the garage since they haven't really been playing with it, and Rhys decided it was her new favorite toy again.  Rhett just wanted to be a part of the fun, too, so he stayed right beside her the whole time she jumped.

 Once Rhys started really moving, we went ahead and "baby-proofed" the downstairs.  It is still a work in progress as these guys are really good at finding out new ways to get into things, but at least we are slowing them down.  :)

Rhys trying to get through the gate....she loves climbing the stairs!

The twins are so happy in the mornings when they wake up.  We love watching them on the monitor as they sing, talk, and play with their hands, etc. until we go in to get them.  They really love seeing their daddy in the mornings and get some good snuggles in before he leaves for work.  When daddy leaves, there is usually at least one, and sometimes two, sad babies crying next to the front door.

checking out our rose bush early one morning with daddy

I love this picture of my mom with the twins!  I think they look like her, especially Rhys.

Our schedule at 12 months:

7:00 a.m. - Wake and nurse
8:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - Nap
11:00 - Wake and nurse
12:00 - Lunch
1:30 - Nap
3:30 - Wake and nurse
5:15 - Dinner
6:00 - Baths
6:30/7:00 - Nurse and in bed

Yes, we are still nursing at 12 months.  I had originally thought they would be fully weaned by their first birthday but we are just starting.  Our pediatrician wanted us to wait until after their well baby check to discuss their growth, weights, and then begin the weaning process.  Our plan is to drop one feeding at a time over the next few weeks.

The twins are great eaters!  Favorite foods right now are black beans, mango, peas, and cheese.  Rhett is not a big breakfast eater, but makes up for it later in the day.  Rhys eats more at breakfast than she does the rest of the day.  :)  The twins are feeding themselves all finger foods.  The only thing I feed them is yogurt, oatmeal, soups, etc. (things that need to be eaten with a spoon)

A little about Rhys:
*19 lbs, 15 oz. (31%)
*28.25 inches (23%)
*9-12 month clothing
*size 3 shoe
*size 4 diaper
*has only 2 teeth (bottom middle)
*pulling to stand and cruises along furniture
*says "mama" and "dada"
*loves music
*enjoys  taking things "out" of a box, bag, etc.
*favorite activity is playing with tupperware in the kitchen
*thinks it is funny when she sneezes, but gets scared and cries when other people sneeze
*still sucks her thumb and seems to do it more regularly now (she used to only suck her thumb when she was tired or going to sleep)

big girl standing up

getting in mommy's cabinets

pretending to drink from an empty cup

 loves drinking from a straw cup!

one of her favorite toys

let me organize this for you, mom!

I see you...

I love my swing!


waiting for daddy to come home

 big girl pulling up on the ottoman

A little about our sweet Rhett:
*22 lbs, 2 oz. (40%)
*29.25 inches (32%)
*12 month clothing
*size 4 shoe
*size 4 diaper
*has 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom)
*just started pulling up to knees
*says "mama" and "dada"
*favorite toy is any kind of car or truck that he can push around
*is very silly and laughs LOUD
*loves to be scared, chased, and tickled
*would stay in the bathtub all day if we would let him
*loves being outside
*has physical therapy once a week and occupational therapy once a week.....getting stronger!

big smile!

having fun swinging!

 love those big, blue eyes

 look at me on my knees!

 love my cars

 what can I find in here?

 let me turn this tv on for you

The past year has been nothing short of amazing.  We love you, Rhett & Rhys!

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