Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Living with Twin Three-Nagers

Dealing with a toddler in the THREE year-old-age range can sometimes be challenging.  I have heard parents using the term "three-nager" to describe their spunky toddler and liken their behaviors to those of the dreaded teenage years.  Like anyone that has ever had a three-year-old knows, life is pretty interesting when you live with these beings of three years.  It is crazy.  Chaotic.  Demanding. Unpredictable.  Exhausting.   Exhilarating.  Hilarious.  Ridiculous.  Trying.  Fun.  Draining. Humbling.  Rewarding.  Sanity-Stealing.  But one thing it is not--boring.

This picture was taken 10 minutes after "nap" time had started.  Three year olds are free spirits.  They are really into nudity.  And add in jumping on the bed?  Pretty much their idea of a really fun time. 

Three-nagers have their own sense of style.  They have a deep desire to be independent, to dress themselves, and to do just as they please.  They do not understand the difference between playing dress up at home and getting dressed to go out of the house.

This was how Rhys dressed herself before we went to run errands one day.  I swear another mom at Target (also with a three-nager in tow) gave me that understanding head nod that us moms need sometimes.  If you have never lived with a three year old, don't judge.  Just go with it.  Today I went to the bank with Elsa and a firefighter ninja.  Sadly, I have no picture to report.

Flip flops in January because your big toe told you it was not cold?  Sure, three-nager, just get in the car.

Here is a bunny that needed to go to HEB to buy some carrots.  True story.

When three-nagers get an idea, it is very difficult to persuade them otherwise.  Why, yes there is a shopping cart full of baby stuff in the truck heading to Home Depot.

I was told there was a "bad storm" coming.  I did not argue.

Rhett saw that daddy was watching football and insisted that the Aggies were winning and he needed to wear his Aggie clothes.  We tried to tell him that it was a different team called the Cowboys that was playing.  Guess who won that argument.

Three-nagers do not keep a neat room.  And can destroy any space in about 8 seconds.

Not even sure what to say about this one.  Let's just say this "game" went on for a solid 10 minutes.

You might buy your three-nager a nice, "big kid" bed, but they will sleep on the floor 50% of the time anyway.

These three-nagers are creative little dudes.  A baseball bat can easily double as a telescope.

They are moody.  You never know which emotion will pop up at any given second.  Here is Rhys crying because I painted her nails.....after she asked me to paint her nails.

I'm not even sure why Rhett was crying here but I can tell you that I only take pictures of crying kids when it is because of something funny.  And I included a crying picture of Rhys, so we need to keep it fair.

Even though these three-nagers are a lot of work, they sure are adorable.  They are loving, sweet, and so innocent.  I adore the smiles, laughs, hugs, and perspective they bring into our home.

Living life with twin three-nagers and learning how to LOVE life with them!