Monday, April 30, 2012

TWO Sweet!

I love how my babies are really starting to pay attention to each other.  They are especially sweet to each other in the mornings.  They usually give each other a big smile and start jabbering to each other.

This morning, Rhett decided to give his baby sister a kiss.  It was too sweet, or I guess I could say TWO sweet!

Rhett on the Move!

Rhett has been commando crawling for several weeks now, but just recently started crawling on all fours! This is tremendous progress for him and something that his therapists have been working on for a while.

Some of you might think it is not a big deal for a baby to learn to crawl, but we are overjoyed!  Rhett has some developmental delays, but has continued to work hard and gain strength.  We are so proud of him!  

So happy for Rhett, but I am one tired momma!  Chasing around 2 mobile babies is hard work.  :)

Here is a little video of our crawling dude.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rhys' Lovey Bear

Rhys has become very attached to her bear "lovey."  When she gets tired, she likes to hold it in her left hand, up by her ear, while she sucks her right thumb.  It looks something like this...

At first, the lovey would stay in her bed, and she loved to snuggle up with it at night.  This picture is blurry, but I was in a hurry.....had to sneak in her room to take a quick pic!  If she wakes up in the night, she reaches around for it until she finds it, buries it into her face, pulls it up by her ear, and usually falls right back to sleep.  (I know this thanks to our handy video monitor!)

Now Rhys likes to bring her lovey downstairs with her in the morning.  She will sometimes take a break from playing, find her lovey, and hold it like this...

 Or this...

Usually sucking her thumb while she holds it!

We always make sure we have it, especially when we are traveling.  It really helps to have it during nap time when we are in the van, too!

Here is a little video clip showing just how much Rhys loves her lovey!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday...Dr. Seuss Style!

"Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive
Who is You-er than You!"
(~Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!)

We decided to have a Dr. Seuss inspired party to celebrate our Thing 1 and Thing 2!  I had so much fun planning this fun day.

"Wake Up! For today is your Day of all Days!"

 Birthday Boy Rhett - AKA "Thing 1"

Birthday Girl Rhys - AKA "Thing 2"

I tried to take some pictures of the birthday twins, and this is what happened:

I actually got one picture of them together...

And then, they were off!

To the window, of course!

So we tried another approach and put them in the chair...

Oh well, at least they are cute, my Thing 1 and Thing 2!


 front door welcome sign

We had so much fun decorating for the party!  A big thank you to my family for all of their help, late nights, and last minute trips to Walmart!  They blew up balloons, made amazing tissue paper pom poms, washed dishes, cooked, made green deviled eggs, and did anything else I asked them to!

the banner I made (inspired by Pinterest)

 the entry table

I typed up different quotes from Dr. Seuss and had them displayed around the house.  This was probably my favorite part of the decor.

the outside tables

I bought 2 copies of Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You and had our guests leave a message inside for Rhett and Rhys to read when they are older.  What keepsakes!


We had hot dogs with all the trimmings because...
"For birthday luncheons, as a rule, 
We serve hot dogs, rolled on a spool."

And of course we just had to have Green Eggs and Ham, too!  What's a Dr. Seuss party without green eggs and ham?


We had cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate sprinkled pretzel rods.

"Today eat whatever you want.
Today no one tells you you cawnt or you shawnt.
And today, you don't have to be tidy or neat.
If you wish, you may eat with both hands and both feet."




still waiting...

and, GO!

Neither Rhett or Rhys really loved the cake.  They had never had anything sweet like this before, so I think they were just unsure.  Rhett licked the icing a little bit.

But Rhys wanted nothing to do with it.

"Then, out of the water! Sing loud while you dry!
Sing loud, I am lucky! Sing loud, I am I!"


"A Present! A-ha!
Now what kind shall I give...?
Why, the kind you'll remember
As long as you live!"

We were so thankful that so many of our closest friends and family could be here to celebrate with us.  I didn't get a lot of pictures of everyone who came, and for that I am sad. But I do have a few...

 Jon and Peyton (with daddy & Rhett)

 Gram, Me w/Rhys, and Mammaw

 Gram, Daddy w/Rhett and Mammaw with a very tired Rhys

 the Bennett boys - Bdad, Tim w/Rhett, and Uncle Mike

 Sugar with Thing 2

Aunt Sandra with Thing 1

After the party, Sugar and Gram took the babies outside to play while we cleaned up.  I hear they had a great game of kickball, and also played with leaves and grass.  

We had a wonderful day celebrating our 2 favorite little people!

Oh me, Oh my!
How nice of you to stop by!