Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Weekend

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary this weekend, but just want to remember a typical summer weekend...

We went swimming at the neighborhood pool!

R&R were not really into playing in the baby pool.  They just sat on the step and stayed close to us.  We thought they were just scared.  We took them into the big pool and they loved it.  Interesting.

While I was putting away clothes upstairs, R&R found a rubbermaid bin of baby toys I had packed away.  They loved playing with all the toys, but mostly wanted to play "in" the storage bin!

We spent some time at the park...

And got new water bottles!  I let R&R each pick out their own.

We made oatmeal raisin cookies together.  Rhys loved stirring, and Rhett loved pouring.  Teamwork!

We took some great naps...daddy even let Rhett take about 20 stuffed animals into his bed!

We ended our weekend with a wonderful fellowship night with our small group from church.

Rhys enjoyed a very large cheese stick!

After all the other families left, we stayed and played with the Kirkland twins.  The kids had a blast climbing and playing in the sand.  We enjoyed the good food and conversation.

Sure do love our summer weekends together!

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