Friday, July 19, 2013

Easter 2013

We started off our Easter celebrations with a very fun egg hunt with some of our play group friends.
Rhett & Rhys had never really hunted eggs before, so we "practiced" a few days prior to this in both our living room and back yard.  They understood that they should carry their basket around, look for eggs, pick them up, and then put the eggs in their basket.  Or so I thought they understood.

After watching all the other kids run around and pick up eggs, I encouraged Rhett to go find one.  He casually walked over to a yellow egg and just bent over and touched it.  I convinced him to put it in his basket.

He didn't really care after that.  He had an egg, and he was happy.  Actually, he couldn't take his eyes (or his hands) off of it.

Rhett and his buddy Ry

 Look at all those eggs little Mason found! 

Sweet Poppy knew exactly what to do!

And I'm sure you are wondering what Rhys was doing all this time...Let's just say she found herself a little place to sit down and chat on the toy cell phone she found in Poppy's toy box.

Rhys could have cared less about finding eggs.  She talked on her phone for a while, jumped on the trampoline, and went down the slide.  At least I got a picture of the one egg she decided to pick up.

Then Easter Sunday arrived!  We didn't hide eggs this year, but R&R had a basket full of goodies!

We brought them downstairs when they woke up, and it was all a little too overwhelming, I suppose....

But then they calmed down, and started looking at all the fun toys, books, and snacks!

 her favorite:  the jewelry

Rhys was so distracted by her new jewelry that she didn't even care that Rhett was in her basket!

she was SO excited about that jewelry!

 Showing Sugar all their new stuff

After church and lunch, we decided to try to take a few pictures while the kids were dressed up.  Tim did a great job, and we got better pictures than I imagined we was nap time after all!

 handsome boy!

 Rhys makes this face a lot and I love that Tim captured it here! (and yes, she has a big bruise on her forehead...she tripped and fell a few days before)

When they started getting tired of sitting and posing...and the pictures started to look like this:

We walked over to a nearby pond to see the ducks, turtles, and fish.

so happy our Sugar was with us!

After Easter Sunday, we still had one more egg hunt!  Our church's annual egg hunt was held the week after Easter this year.  We enjoyed a fellowship lunch and then the kids were ready.  Have you ever been to an indoor hunt?  It was great!  R&R seemed to understand the concept a little bit better and actually picked up eggs.

 Rhett showing Ms. Amanda his goodies

 Rhys checking out her buddy Gavin's basket

When we were leaving the building, R&R were so cute and started holding hands.

Of course, Rhys had to be in charge and started dragging Rhett along.

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Lord!

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