Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer at Sugar's!

My sister and her family moved to Saranac Lake, New York, several months ago.  Since my bro-in-law had a 2 week conference out of state, my sister, Brandy and niece, Landry, came to Texas for a visit.  We all met up at Sugar's house for some summer fun!

Aunt BB had gotten Rhys this cute chef set, but look who had it on most of the time!

Playing "cook" with cousin Landry.

R&R weren't feeling great when we arrived, and this led to a very early morning wake up for this mommy.  In an effort to let the rest of the house sleep, we laid on this mattress and watched cartoons for a couple of hours until the sun came up.

The twins both loved playing with Landry, but Rhett was just smitten with her.  Here he is sharing his "bubbles" (cheerios) with her.

We had to go to the store while we were in town, and got to see Brenham's new HEB.  Check out their awesome Blue Bell display case!

My mom got the kids this fun sprinkler ball to play with, but they didn't really know what to do with it. They preferred to just drink water from it.

Going to Sugar's is so much fun!  She always has the best toys!  Rhys was in heaven driving around this little pink car.  Thank goodness Sugar didn't mind pushing her around the cul-de-sac over and over again.

Real men drive pink cozy coupes, right Rhett?

So proud to have a big water bottle!

We also got in some fun pool time while we were there!  My niece Landry loved the water!

Rhys did not.

Ha!  Actually, she was running fever this day and just didn't want to have anything to do with playing.  She did enjoy getting in the pool most days we were there, but she was very cautious.

Rhys sure did love all the beach chairs!

Rhett loved everything about it!  He liked wearing his floaties, his hat, and "playing wah-wah" with Uncle Sean.

Playing hard every morning led to some pretty awesome naps!  One day Aunt BB got Rhett up after his nap and he fell asleep again on her!

On Saturday, several of my mom's family came over to spend the day with us.  My best friend, Jenny, and her family joined us, too.  We had a great time!

The kids took a popsicle break!
 Jake, Rhett, Zoe & Zach

 Tim and Rhett play with Nonna and Zach

 Rhett says, "more, more"

 There is Uncle Sean playing with the kids again!  Thanks Uncle Sean....we appreciate you!

Rhett loved the water being poured over him.

 Sweet Zoe enjoying the water

 Rhys giving it a try from the side

 watching the big kids play!

 Of course Piggy had to join us

 Kyle and Jake floating

Caydee and Jenny visiting (and tanning!)

 I'm not sure who took this picture (TIM!) but some heads are cut off....sorry Uncle Don and Sean

This one is better!

After swimming, we all enjoyed a yummy dinner together and sat around outside visiting and laughing.

 Rhys, Easton, Jake and Rhett having dinner together

 Caydee and Sean

 Rhys and Zoe walk the babies

Sugar reads to Rhett

Zoe sharing songs with Rhys

We had such a wonderful few days with Brandy and Landry and were sad to see them leave.  Thanks Sugar for a wonderful time!

Sugar and her "Sugar Babies"

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  1. Okay so this makes me want to go stay with Sugar too!