Friday, July 19, 2013

Language Explosion!

R&R are now 28 months old, and it is just amazing to see (actually, hear) how much they are talking.  It seems like they are learning new words and phrases daily, and repeat things we say all the time.  Uh oh.  :)    Oh, and it is never quiet around here anymore.  Can't believe we used to be worried about their speech!

Rhett and Rhys are both still receiving speech therapy once a week, but our therapist is going to re-evaluate them next month.  She has already told me that she doesn't think they will qualify.  Either way, it is fine with us!  But we are definitely not concerned about their language anymore.

These are some of the things I don't want to forget:

*They both say "hold you" when they want us to pick them up, but it sounds more like "hold ju"

*Rhys says "mon" in a sing-song voice when she is trying to say come on.

*Rhett says "fraff" for giraffe

*The funniest one of all is that Rhys doesn't say daddy anymore....she calls Tim "Tim."  It is so hilarious.  Of course, Tim is getting tired of it, but it makes us laugh every day.  She knows it is funny, too, and I think she can sense his frustration.  When she does, she starts saying "daddy" again in her sweetest voice.

*Rhys says "sick" for sit.  

*Rhett uses the /f/ sound for a lot of other sounds.  Green is "freen" and truck is "fruck." And sometimes he leaves off the /r/ when he says it.  Yep, that one has been interesting.  :)

*Rhys says "frock" for frog.  Also interesting.  Like when we are at the zoo and Rhys is very excited to see a large frog and starts shouting "frock" over and over again.  Lots of stares....

*Rhett says "wigg-ick" for ribbit.  Very cute when he is playing "frocks."

*Cheerios are still called "bubbles"

*Rhett calls fireworks "fire-ra-works" or "splash wah-wah" (we think he thinks the fireworks look like water splashing...he is also obsessed with playing in the water right now)

*Rhett says "applefross" for applesauce.

*They both call cereal "seer-seal"

"Raisins are called "ray-o's"

*Yogurt is "go-gurk"

*Rhys says "yes man" for yes ma'am

*Ice cream is "ice-freem"

*Rhett can count from 1-10!  My favorite is number "sesen."

*Rhys loves to sing and loves music.  She hums and makes up songs all the time.  Some of her favorites are Jesus Loves Me, If You're Happy and You Know It, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and Apples and Bananas.  Here she is singing "Wheels on the Bus."

*Rhys calls Rhett "Bubba" and Rhett can now say "Rhys." (I am a little sad that he does not call her "Meeeees" anymore.)

*They both shout "Mom watch" about 100 times a day.  Or probably 200 times.  And almost always while we are in the van and I am driving.

*Rhys says "thank you welcome" instead of just thank you.  I guess she is prompting me to say "you're welcome" back to her.

I love this age and listening to them try to figure out how to communicate with us and with each other.  I think it is just going to get louder and more interesting around here!

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