Monday, April 8, 2013

The Things They Say...

As we were driving home from church yesterday, Tim and I were laughing because Rhett did not stop talking the whole way home!  When Rhys had something to add, she would shout her thoughts so that she could be heard over Rhett's constant chatter.  It sounded something like this:

Rhett:  "Car, big car, bus, car"
Rhys:  "Mom, car!"
Rhett:  "Doggie, big doggie, car, doggie, ruff ruff, ruff ruff"
Rhys:  "Mooooommmm, big car!"
Rhett:  "Dada, Mama, big big car!"
Rhett:  "Outside, car, doggie, ruff ruff, eat, apples, cracker?"
Rhys:  "Moooommm!!! Cracker?"

And this continued for 30 more minutes.

About 8 months ago the twins were not talking AT ALL.  They were tested for speech therapy, qualified, and both started receiving weekly services.  We just love our current therapist, Kathleen, or "Lee" as Rhett calls her.  I don't think they will continue to have therapy for very much longer.

I have been really fascinated watching their language skills develop these past few months.  It seems like they are learning new words every day, and really starting to be able to put together a couple words at a time.  Sometimes it is cute because Rhys will sign some words, say some words, and act out some words all at the same time to try to get her point across.  

I wanted to make note of some of the cute things they say so I don't forget.  It is interesting to me that they use the same pronunciation for most words, even if it is wrong.  There are only a few words that they say differently.

The things we are hearing these days (at 2 years old):

"On-yo" - orange
"In-yo" - inside
"Beto" - Caleb
"Baby Anna" - Savannah
"Ry Ry" - Ryland
"Guger" - Sugar
"outsi" - outside
"oink" - the name Rhys has given her pig
"baa" - the name Rhys has given her sheep
"coo coo" - choo choo trains
"wa-on" - wagon
"side" - slide (after this word is spoken it is always followed by a "wheeee")
ready go
"froo" - fruit
"nana" - banana
"neck-ace" - necklace
"bace-let" - bracelet
"tee" - tree
"wing" - swing
"dis" - this, also meaning anything they want at the moment (I think because we say "you want this?"
"pay" - play
"wah wah" - water
"bork" - fork
cookie - which may be a cookie or a cupcake
"bock" - block
"bish" - fish
dip - which may be hummus, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce 
"nak" - snack
bubbles - cheerios
"mun-nuh" - monkey

They are also very much into labeling things that belong to people.  "dada cup, dada shoes, etc."  They label things that belong to each other and mama and dada.  Rhett is using mostly 2 word phrases, and occasionally 3 words together.  Rhys uses one word most of the time, but is starting to put 2 words together.

My favorite thing that Rhys says right now is "sick" which means sit.  I hear "Sick, Mom, sick" many times a day.

My favorite thing that Rhett says is "nofe" for nose and "tofe" for toes.  I also love that he calls Rhys, "Mees."  He also calls himself "Bubba."

The funniest thing of all is that they both started calling me "Mom."  Rhys does it more consistently than Rhett, but he will say Mom when he is really wanting my attention.  We are not sure where they got this from, since all of their friends still stay "mama" or "mommy."

I love listening to them talk to each other, too, although I usually have no idea what they are saying.  Rhys will say something to Rhett and he will laugh and laugh.  Too bad I don't get the joke!  :)   

Lots of blog posts to catch up on....stay tuned for posts on Easter, 2nd Birthday and more!


  1. Oh...I remember those days. We were looking through our girls baby books at their cute little sayings. Time really does go by too, too fast!
    It's nice to find a local blog!
    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Love, love, love your growing kiddos, and miss you all so much!