Saturday, April 13, 2013

Blue Bell Fun Run

The Blue Bell Fun Run is something that my family has been a part of for many years.  My dad loved competing in races, but the Blue Bell Run was one of his favorites.  Before he got sick, we always ran this race together.  After he passed away, our family decided that we would continue to get together each spring and race together.  

Ready for the gun to start the race!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

Here is a little comparison photo....this one was taken a year ago, April 2012, at the same starting line!  Look how their little feet don't even hit the bottom of the stroller yet!

Daddy and Sugar decided that they would walk with R&R in the stroller so that my sister, Caydee, and I could run.

Yay!  We made it!

 R&R pose with Sugar at the finish line

My sister Caydee and her hubby, Sean at the finish line

After the race, you walk around the corner to see the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck!

This is the only race I know of that lets you eat as much ice cream as you want after you run! R&R were very excited to hear about this!

Rhys happy to have her own strawberry bar

love at first bite!

 Rhys and Uncle Sean


 "Here, Rhys, try mine"

my favorite people

 happy boy

 Rhys and Sugar going back for more

Sugar letting Rhys pick anything she wants....SPOILED!

Rhys enjoying her second ice cream of the morning

 better sit down for a break....this is hard work!

After our ice cream treats, we headed to the airport in Brenham to eat at the diner there.  It is so much fun!  First we looked at all the private planes.

Mommy, R&R, and Uncle Sean 

Mommy, Rhett, Sugar & Rhys 

 Daddy and Rhett pose in front of a cool plane

Sugar and Rhett watching the planes fly in

 Aunt Caydee plays with Rhett while we wait for our table

Uncle Sean keeps Rhys busy with her purse 

I didn't get any really good pictures inside the restaurant, but this diner is so cute!  The waitresses wear poodle skirts, there is a jukebox playing, and the burgers and milkshakes were delicious.

 We had such a great day and look forward to continuing our Blue Bell Run tradition each year.

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