Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bluebonnet Pics 2013

Before I show you this year's bluebonnet pictures, let me share the lesson I learned from this experience:

When you take your two toddlers out into a grassy field to take their picture, HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS. Don't expect that they will stand together and be still, smiling, and looking so adorable while surrounded by the beautiful Texas flowers.  Especially if they might be hungry.  Or tired.  Or sweaty.  Oh, and make sure the grass is not touching them in any way because they might hate that.  And if it is windy they will hate that too.  No expectations, I tell ya.  Yep, lesson learned.

Okay, so I know the only reason you are on this blog is to see the pictures.  Let's start off with the best picture from the whole day.

Yes, that is "Oink" sitting on a quilt in the bluebonnets.  Doing exactly what I had hoped my children would do.  After we got home and started looking at all the pictures Tim took, we thought it was hilarious.

So, here we go.  Rhys had "Oink" (refused to get out of the van without it) and Rhett wanted it.

She said "no" and ran off.  Rhett cried.

Being the cool mom that I am, I ran to the van and pulled out "Baa" for Rhett.  Unfortunately, this did not work.

While Rhett had a complete melt down, Rhys did pose for a couple pictures.

As the crying got louder, Tim got distracted and started taking pictures of the flowers.  Pretty, huh?

Back to work.  Rhys does not want to take a picture.

Now she is ready for a picture.  As long as she can show off her belly button.

"Do we have to take pictures?"

This picture just sums it up.

Hey, at least they are in the same picture here.

Rhys needed a little break.

Rhett got a break from Sugar.  A very fun break!

We found the sunglasses in the van.  Yes!

But then Rhys was done.

And Rhett was ready to smile!

Next year?  :)

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  1. Misty, this is just TOO funny! And cute! And sweet! And sad! And typical! Thank you so much for posting this, even though the pictures didn't turn out quite the way you had hoped. These will probably bring you more smiles in years to come than any perfect pictures ever could have! LOVE those adorable twins!