Thursday, March 7, 2013

At Almost Two...

The twins will be turning TWO later this month!  So many fun things going on and I don't want to forget some of my favorite moments with my little girl.

At almost two...

Rhys is still in love with her stuffed animals.  She drags them around the house, pushes them around in her shopping cart, loads them into her little car, and always wants to take at least one with her when we leave the house.  She sleeps with a crib full of them.  If we are in a store and she sees a stuffed animal, she immediately starts sucking her thumb and asking for it.  We haven't "named" the animals, but tend to call them by their animal name. (pig, sheep, dog, etc.)  I think it is so funny that Rhys has named them herself, and she has chosen the sound they make to be their name.  For example, her pig is called, "Oink."  Her favorite friend right now is her sheep, or "Baa."

 sucking that thumb and snuggling with her pig

 Rhys put her "Oink" in time out!  

 the favorite right now, "Baa"

At almost two...

Rhys loves cell phones.  She loves real phones and pretend phones.  She will chit chat on her phone many times a day.  She usually calls "Guger" (her grandma, Sugar) or daddy.  She loves holding my phone, looking at pictures, playing the Veggie Tales app, and watching videos on You Tube.  And yes, she can do all of those things independently on my phone.  If she can't find a phone, she will use a toy or even her hand to make her calls.

looking at pictures

trying out daddy's blue tooth

 Rhys found a toy pager at the children's museum and it immediately became her phone for the day

just a girl sitting on a rock talking on her phone

At almost two...

Rhys loves cars.  She loves her princess cozy coupe so much that as soon as she comes downstairs in the morning, she sits in it right way.  She loves to fill the car with her favorite things and push it around.  She will occasionally ride in the car, too, and likes for Rhett to push her around.

future hoarder, maybe?  LOL

At almost two...

Rhys loves to eat.  She especially likes to have "dip."  This is usually hummus, guacamole, balsamic vinaigrette, or ketchup as on occasional treat.  She will eat almost anything if I give her some dip.  

enjoying a treat from Chik-fil-a with dip

 At almost two...

Rhys loves to sit in little spaces.  She really likes small chairs or couches, but she also enjoys sitting on cushions, her stuffed animals, or even rocks.

Rhys proud of herself for finding a seat on the rocks

At almost two...

Rhys loves music.  She hums a lot of the day, and gets excited when we play music.  She loves for us to sing to her, and sometimes tries to join in.  She can sing the first part of the alphabet song.

dancing with the jukebox at the children's museum

At almost two...

Rhys is starting to get into pretend play!  I love watching her do different things.  She likes to pretend to cook in her kitchen, change the babies diapers, clean the windows with a spray bottle and windex, and of course, talk on her phone.

changing the baby's diaper

At almost two...

Rhys adores her daddy.  She loves to sit in his lap and read books.  She always wants to share her dinner with daddy at the table.  She will do anything to make him laugh, and she thinks he is the funniest person she knows.  I just love seeing their relationship develop.

just before their first daddy/daughter date

At almost two...

She is growing up...

But she'll always be my baby girl.

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