Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rock & Roll



Rhys is rolling!  It is like it just started happening overnight!  And now she won't stop.  We lay her on her back and she immediately flips over.  It is so funny.  She almost prefers to be on her tummy now when playing.  Sometimes she forgets how to get back over and then she gets really ticked off.  And screams.  And that is not cute, but the rolling is, so it is worth it.  Once she gets tired of being on her tummy she screams and then I help her remember how to flip back to her back.  She will lay on her back for a few seconds and then flip back to her for a few minutes.....and then scream.  Repeat.  All. Day. Long.  Fun times in the Bennett house, I tell ya!

And, what about Rhett, you ask?

Well, let's just say that Rhett is not in a hurry to go anywhere.  He much prefers to lay or sit still.  And by still, I mean still.  He is just chill.....most of the time.  This is how you can usually find Rhett:

He has started rolling from tummy to back.  Not because he wants to, but because he hates being on his stomach so much.   When he attempts to roll, it is in super slow motion.  I say "attempts" because he is not always successful.  He will throw his head back to get momentum.  He gets to his side and sort of gets stuck.  Then he cries and grunts and kicks until he gets to his back.  It is pretty funny to watch!  It looks like this:

Several of my friends have babies that are the same age as the twins (and some even younger) and their babies have been rolling both ways for weeks.  Some of them ask if I am worried about them learning to roll over?  Um, yeah right.  Do you really think I want TWO mobile babies.  I do, but just not yet.  And besides, I have other things to worry about.  You know like who pooped and who didn't, how many diapers we have left, and which baby still needs to eat.  But don't you worry, this proud momma will be happy to share with you when we have tackled this skill.  Until then.....rock on!

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