Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few New Things...

This weekend we all got something new...

Tim got some new dress socks.  Exciting, right?

Rhett got a new tooth.
*Disclaimer:  No child was harmed in the taking of this picture.*

Rhys got another chin.  Seriously, look at this chubbiness!

And me, what did I get?  I know I got something new too, but I can't seem to remember what it was.

Oh wait, I do remember.

I got...

a NEW CAR!!!!

Tim surprised me with my new car Saturday night.  I had gone to the Women of Faith Conference with my mom, sister, and some friends, and as soon as we got home Saturday night, Tim told me that he had an emergency at work and needed to drive over to a neighborhood on the north side.  He told me that someone's house had flooded and he needed to go check it out.  Tim's parents were here visiting for the weekend as well, and so Tim's dad decided to ride with him.  This kind of thing has happened before, so I really didn't think anything of it.

What a liar!   And a really good one, I must say!  He was texting me the whole night about what a mess there was and all the things he was having to do, etc.  I believed every word!

A couple hours later, Tim came home.  I asked about the house, homeowners, etc. and he smiled and handed me the keys.  I was in shock!  I went into the garage and found my sparkly new van.

I absolutely love it!  Wow....my life has really changed!  I never thought I would be so excited to have a mini-van.  Welcome to parenthood!

Rhys can't wait for her carseat to be installed so she can go for a ride!
The color is called Blizzard Pearl.  There are so many things that I have to learn about it.  There are buttons everywhere and I don't know what most of them do.  My favorite feature so far:  the side doors open with a click on my keychain! (a very important and helpful feature for a mom holding 2 babies and no extra hand to open a car door)

Thanks, daddy, for our new ride!


  1. Misty!!! So happy for you!!! You deserve it more than anybody I know! I can't wait to see it in person!!! Love y'all! Way to go Tim!!!

  2. You need to clarify the disclaimer that this is not a"van"! It's a SWAGGER WAGGON! You deserve it babe...I love you.

  3. Excited about a mini-van...what has the world come to??!! You have a great husband....wow!! Enjoy it and your babies are so so so cute!

  4. Yeah! Welcome to the mini-van club! I am telling you, all the automatic features are a life saver! You will never ever go back! So happy for you all! You will find yourself wanting to go out for a drive for no reason now- pack up the kids and go because it is a sweet ride! Congrats!

  5. Oh my! It's beautiful!! I LOVE my minivan!! I've discovered the joy of those stow-n-go seats! Carries EVERYTHING! Makes road trips when they start potty training SOOOO much easier since you can do it all from inside and never really get out (unless you have to). So much fun! Enjoy!!

  6. I'm so happy that you got the new minivan! Tim & Debey were here for a few days about two weeks ago, and I heard rumors about the new van then. Clint & Alyssa LOVE theirs. It makes taking a trip so much easier. And I'm sure yours as well will make traveling so much more enjoyable, even if you are only traveling to church or the grocery store! Have fun!