Friday, October 28, 2011

Rhett's New Trick

Rhett is drinking out of a straw!  It is so funny.  So I am a major nerd and read lots of books about different baby/parenting philosophies, and I read that 6 months is a good time to start introducing a sippy cup with a little bit of water.  We bought several different kinds and the babies just weren't interested in them at all.  Then I found this straw sippy cup at Target and thought we would try it.  It has a button at the bottom of it where you can push the liquid up the straw to "get them started."  Rhett caught on the first try!  Now he just sucks away.  He loves water!  He gets a sip of water after his solids twice a day.  

Rhys, on the other hand, can't stand the cup or water.  She cries when she sees any sippy cup and pushes it away.  We will keep trying but she is just not into it right now.

I love how my babies are so different.  It is fun to watch them try and learn new things!


  1. That's great that Rhett likes the sippy/straw cup. The first time I recall Mackenzie using a straw was at 13 months when I realized she was actually drinking my chocolate milkshake! I thought she was just chewing on my straw until I saw her lips pursed and chocolate oozing out of her mouth! ;)

  2. SO CUTE!! Yes, it is fascinating to watch babies learn, and especially when there are TWO of them! They are such adorable little individuals, with their own little personalities. Rhys will drink when she is ready. I'm sure she is doing things that Rhett is not, so they are probably even! Love you guys!