Sunday, October 9, 2011

Half Birthday!

Yes, that's right.  Rhett and Rhys just celebrated their first half birthday.  They are 6 months old!  Tim decided we would celebrate by baking up a batch of brownies....and since we have two babies, he justified the making of double thick treats, using two packages of my Ghiradelli chocolate brownie mix...."to be fair," so he says.  I'm so glad he wants the twins to know how much they are loved.  And that he wants to be fair.  Isn't he a good daddy?

The twins had their 6 month check up on the actual day they turned 6 months old.  I planned it like that.  My OCD tendencies like it when things like this work out.  

all ready to go to the doctor

6 Month Stats:
Rhett - 16 lbs 10 ounces (30%),  26.25 inches long (50%)
Rhys - 14 lbs, 13 ounces (25%), 25.5 inches long (45%)

The babies got a healthy report from the pediatrician.  Rhys did get a referral to see an ophthalmologist.  She has had a blocked tear duct since birth.  The doctor explained that this usually corrects itself on its own in infants, but since it has not gotten better for 6 months, we will be seeing a specialist this next week. 

Schedule at 6 Months:
7 a.m. - Wake and nurse
7:30-8:45 - Play time (practice sitting up, rolling over, tummy time, play mats, books, etc.)
8:45-10:45/11:00 - Nap (Rhett sleeps about 1.5 hours, and Rhys 2-2.25)
11:00 - Nurse
11:30-12:00 - Play time (exersaucer, jumperoo, same activities as above)
12:00 - Lunch solids (grain and fruit)
12:30/1:00 - 2:30  - Nap (sometimes R & R sleep anywhere from 1 hour-2 hours)
2:30 (or whenever they wake up) - Play time (sometimes we go on a walk if it is not too hot!)
4:30-5:15 - Nap (usually just a little catnap of 30-40 minutes; I wake them at 5:15 if still sleeping)
5:15 - Dinner solids (grain and veggie)
6:00 - Bath routine, swing, books, sit with daddy
6:30 - Nurse or bottle
7:00 - Bedtime

Our schedule has needed a little tweaking this month since Rhys always needs more sleep than Rhett.  This means that sometimes one baby will be up while the other is sleeping and vice versa.  Although sometimes exhausting, it does give me some one-on-one time with each twin.  I look forward to these times!

I am still breastfeeding R&R.  I usually feed them one at a time now since they are bigger and heavier (and take up more space on my lap!).  They are nursing 4 times a day, along with solids twice a day.  I have been feeding the babies sitting in their bouncer seats since they are a little bit inclined.  Here is what we look like when we eat...

all ready for dinner!

We just ordered some new high chairs so the babies will be eating in those as soon as they arrive.  R&R continue to enjoy their solids and are getting better at it!  Right now they are enjoying sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, banana, peaches, pears, oatmeal, and brown rice.  This week we will be adding barley and plums.  Rhett's favorite right now is sweet potatoes and Rhys' favorite is pears.  They both love oatmeal more than rice.

What we are up to at 6 Months:
*We are hearing more and more "talking" every day.  Rhett loves to be talked to and does his best to talk back.  Rhys still has a quiet voice, but has started blowing bubbles and squeals with excitement when you talk to her.  

*Both babies have found their feet!  Sometimes I think they would rather play with their feet over any toy we have.  They also like to grab their feet while eating, which is another reason why I had to get some high chairs.  We see this all day...

*The babies have started sitting up a little better.  We practice all the time!  Rhett has a little more trouble holding his head up, but he is making good progress.  This is one of the things he works on with his physical therapist each week.  Rhys is really close to sitting up on her own.  Here we are practicing...

 notice Rhys still has her feet!

*R&R have started noticing each other a little bit more.  They will look at each other, and try to touch each other.  Rhett loves patting Rhys on her head and Rhys usually grabs Rhett by the bib!  I am hoping that they will start "talking" to each other soon.

sweet babies laying on mommy & daddy's bed early one morning

*We are paci free!  I went through the house this weekend and picked up all the pacifiers that were laying everywhere and packed them up.  Neither one of the babies have ever really loved using a pacifier.  We started them both out with one when they were about 2 weeks old and they both used it for about a week.  Then Rhett continued to use one and Rhys didn't care about it anymore.  A couple of weeks later, Rhett would just chew on it and then Rhys started using one.  A week or so after that, Rhys found her thumb.  I don't think either baby has taken a pacifier in several weeks.  We have tried time and time again to "teach" them how to use one, but they don't really care.  Now Rhys sucks her thumb ALL THE TIME.  She is so cute with that little hand up to her mouth.  Rhett will occasionally suck on one finger.  It is more like chewing on his finger, but whatever makes him happy is fine with me!  

sweet baby girl

 Rhett chewing on his finger

yummy finger

*Both babies still love bath time more than any other time of day

daddy gave Rhett a mohawk after his bath! (yes, Rhett is using a girl's a twin's life, people!)

*We are on the verge of rolling over.  Actually, both babies can roll from tummy to back, but there hasn't been any back to tummy movement.  Hasn't happened yet....but Rhys is close!  She will turn and contort her body all sorts of ways but will not roll over.  Here is what I am talking about...

Rhett is just not interested in moving too much.  He would rather just lay around and look up.  He doesn't care if you move his toy out of reach, he will just stare at the fan.  Or the couch cushion.  Or his own hand.  Just not motivated to get moving.  I'm actually okay with this.  When I lay him down, I know where he will be when I come back.  This is how we usually see Rhett.

One day Rhett must have been feeling a little brave and lifted his leg.  He got his toe hung on a ring on his play mat and just laid there.  It was so funny, so I had to take a picture.  He laid like this for about 10 minutes!

*The babies both love having books read to them.  Here is Bdad reading the farm book he got  R&R for their 6 month birthday gift!

A little bit about our sweet Rhett Michael:
Rhett loves to be held!  He is so sweet and snuggly, especially after a bath.  He will just sit and relax with you and doesn't have to be entertained.  He really likes watching the evening news with daddy in the recliner!  Rhett is doing well with his physical therapy and we have seen good progress.  He can turn his head both directions now, and is getting stronger each day.  He has continued to do well with his helmet, and it still doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He is definitely a momma's boy, but loves to have his daddy tickle him.  His laugh is contagious and he gets very excited when it is time to eat.  

*wearing 6 month old clothes (but not for long!)
*wearing size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 for bedtime
*favorite food - sweet potatoes
*favorite toy - ball
*favorite book - Peek a Who?
*favorite thing to do - bath or go on a walk

 handsome dude!

 cheering for the Aggies!

working hard at tummy time

Things to remember about our sweet Rhys Kate at 6 Months:
Rhys is so content, and really just an easy baby!  She can entertain herself, and doesn't require a lot of attention.  She does love to be talked to, and will try to "talk" back in her soft voice.  This girl loves her sleep!  We put her in her crib and she will just suck her thumb and lay there until she falls asleep.  When she wakes up, she will just lay there quietly until I come to get her.  Sometimes she will pound her arms down on the mattress (making a loud sound) to let me know she is awake.  Then she will just lay here until I get her.  Rhys smiles and coos all day long.  I love it! 

*can still wear her 3 month clothes, as well as some 6 month clothes
*wearing size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 for bedtime
*favorite food - pears
*favorite toy - her feet!  and then her rattle
*favorite thing to do - bath, read books

 just being sweet!

getting stronger at tummy time!

People always say that babies grow up too fast.  It is true.  I am just loving watching them change and grow.  We are truly blessed!  Can't wait to see what the next month will hold...

 6 month old cuties

BFF's for life!

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  1. Misty, those precious babies are soooo adorable! Your cup (and Tim's) truly "runneth over". Can you even remember what you did with your time before they were born? Those days probably seem like someone else's life. ALL the pictures are precious, but I especially like the one of Bdad reading to Rhys. They both look like they are fully engrossed in that book. So sweet! I am so thankful that Rhett's head & neck are improving. Love you guys!