Thursday, January 2, 2014

Potty Training

January 2, 2104:  First day of potty training.  

All my friends are thinking, "Wow, I'm surprised Misty didn't start yesterday."  You know me too well, my peeps, too well.   You know my love of all things even and organized and structured.  All things which are not associated with teaching two 2-year-olds to use the potty.  

And for the inquiring minds out there, I did want to start potty training yesterday, but Rhett woke up in a defiant and fussy mood, and I knew it would not be good.  So we waited.  We woke up today, busted out the Cars undies and Dora panties and just went for it!

Let me first say that I have a new respect and admiration for anyone who has ever done this.

Rhys was so proud of her Dora panties, and kept announcing "I keep Dora dry."  She did great and only had 2 accidents all day!  

Rhett would not pose for a picture for me, but I sure did love seeing this tiny hiney in those Cars undies today!  He did great and did not have an accident all day!  He cried when I told him he needed to wear a diaper for nap, but was happy when I let him put the underwear over his diaper.  He woke up from nap with a dry diaper, too!

We spent a lot of time in the bathroom, setting the timer, and doing the potty dance to celebrate.  I may even be sore from dancing around so much.  Did I mention we spent most of the day in the bathroom?

Don't think I will ever get tired of seeing these cute bottoms!

Rhys was so proud of herself and asked me to take a picture of her tonight.

And this is what Rhett was doing when I asked him to take a picture for me.

I had decided last night that I was not going to use any kind of reward system, that I didn't want to keep up with it, and that they just needed to feel proud of themselves and that my praise would be enough.  Let me say that this changed within the first 10 minutes of putting those underwear/panties on.  I sure did use M&Ms to bribe motivate them, and it worked.  I may have eaten a few M&Ms myself.  Okay, I ate a lot.  But we survived Day 1!  If you see me this weekend, which you probably won't because I'll be in the bathroom singing songs, reading books, and dancing....but if you do see me, give me a hug.  And tell me to lay off the M&Ms.

Tomorrow is a new adventure.  Stay tuned!


  1. Misty, this account of your first day of potty-training two-year-old (almost three) twins is absolutely HILARIOUS, and so sweet! You need to write a real book (not just a blog) some day. You certainly have the talent; I can't wait to read about Day 2! And the pictures are pretty funny as well! Love you guys a bunch!!

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