Monday, December 30, 2013


There has been so much going on lately, and I haven't had a chance to blog.  I am loving this new, though sometimes challenging, stage of toddlerhood (2 years 9 months) we have entered.  Here are a few of the things I want to remember right now.

Rhett says "darken" when he is trying to say it is dark outside.  He also says "stucken" for stuck, and "wettin" for wet.  Tonight he told me it was raining and "windin."

He loves, loves, loves to run and play, and prefers to be outside.

His favorite song right now is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Tim gave Rhett this Academy towel, and Rhett calls it his blanket.  He wants to use it all the time.

He is full of energy and new ideas.

Rhett says "apple-foss" for applesauce.

I'm pretty sure Rhett is trying to potty train himself right now.  I'm not interested yet.  Maybe after the holidays.  :)

Rhys still carries her pig around everywhere with her.  She is really into feeding pig and putting pig down for a nap in the doll pack n play.  And Piggy even got to go for a ride in the jeep.

She is really into birthdays and sings the Happy Birthday song about 30 times per day.  And she is usually singing to herself.  

We travelled for Thanksgiving, and ever since we returned home, Rhys stopped calling Tim "Tim" and now calls him daddy.  After over a year of using his first name, Tim is thrilled that she has stopped.

She really really really likes to wear her sunglasses.

Rhys is my little helper and loves to help me clean.

She also is really into taking pictures.  Some are good, and most are not.  ;)

The twins are talking non-stop, and we can't believe that they were in speech therapy a year ago.  They have little conversations with each other that are so very precious.  Rhett started calling Rhys "Rhysie" and I love it.  She calls him "Bubba."

Both kids really like to "help" in the kitchen as much as I will let them.  They grab their stools and are ready to stir, spill, and sample as we cook.

R&R spend a lot of their day cooking in their own play kitchen.

*And yes, Rhett is wearing Rhys' apron from her Halloween costume.  My mom did make Rhett an camouflage apron, but he prefers this one.  :)

We've been busy lately, but more to come soon!

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