Monday, January 13, 2014

The Month Before Christmas...

December was a busy, but fun month!  We started out by putting up our Christmas tree.  R&R were sooooo very excited to help.  

Tim got the tree put up, but the kids were getting hungry so we decided to hold off and do the decorating the next night.  So we enjoyed the lights and made homemade pizzas.  I can't find my pictures from that part of our evening.  Or maybe I didn't take any.  I can't remember.  But the kids loved putting their own toppings on their own little pizzas.  A new, fun tradition, I'm sure!

The next night we pulled out the ornaments and we had a great time decorating the tree together.

Then we let Rhett and Rhys have their first taste of hot chocolate!  I'm not sure what they thought about the drink, but they thought it was so funny that daddy put marshmallows in their cups!

Most evenings in December ended just like this.

We also visited Bass Pro Shops Winter Wonderland in December.  We rode the carousel (several times) and even saw Santa!  

The twins had seen Santa once before this season and were not big fans.  We did not have high expectations.  But we were pleasantly surprised when this happened:

CONFESSION:  We told them that Santa was giving candy canes to kids who sat on his lap and smiled at the camera.  That was a true statement.  He was also giving candy to kids who screamed for their parents, but we left that part out.  R&R are highly motivated by candy....what does that say about us as parents?  Hmmm......

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the month:

More Christmas posts to come soon!

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