Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Breakfast with Jesus

Our church puts on a fabulous Breakfast with Santa event each December.  This year, Rhys and Rhett were so excited that their friends, Aiden and Adeline, (who are also twins!) were able to join us.  

We started out with red and green pancakes topped with whip cream, gummy bears, marshmallows, sprinkles, and chocolate chips.  YUM!

Then we went in to see Santa.  Rhys has been real confused lately with Jesus, Santa, Christmas, birthdays, etc.  She was so nervous and the whole time we were in line she kept telling me "I no sit with Jesus, okay mommy?"  We tried to get them to sit with Santa Jesus but knew immediately it would not go well.  We opted for the family picture this year.  I honestly cannot believe that this picture looks like everyone was happy.  Believe me--they were not happy to see Santa.  Or Jesus.  And were only posing for one reason.  CANDY CANES.

We got the ultimate screaming Santa picture last year, and didn't feel the need to put them through that again.  For those of you who remember, here is the craziness of that day:

There were several activities for the kids to do that morning, including coloring, decorating their bag, and making a reindeer craft.  Rhett and Aiden held hands as we walked through the building.

Here are the kids with their super cute crafts!

Adeline, Aiden, Rhett, Rhys

We also loved that we got to see some of our favorite people that morning.

Rhett with Caleb

 sweet Savannah

Rhys and Lyla

We had such a great time!  

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