Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Boy Haircut

When Rhett woke up from his nap Thursday morning, he had some crazy nap hair!  We had talked about get his hair cut for several weeks, but couldn't bring ourselves to cut off those baby curls.  After we saw this, though, we knew it was time.

A side view...

Rhett showing the back of his long hair...

So we headed to Cool Cuts 4 Kids.  Here is the "before" picture.

We got inside and Rhett sat down in a little car.  He seemed to like it! (Notice he is holding his ball in his right hand.)

He was doing fine until the hairdresser sprayed water on his hair to comb it down.

But we got out the snacks and life was good again.

What a big boy!  I think he looks SO much older now!

Are you wondering what little Miss Rhys was up to during the hair cut?  She was having a blast sitting in a little car, watching a movie, and having a snack.  She was also enjoying looking at herself and smiling to herself in the mirror.

The "after" picture.

And a new view of the back.

Rhett showing off his new hair cut before bed last night. 

What a fun day!  Making memories...

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  1. Oh my word -- NO! He is growing up too fast. Love ya