Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Helmet Design and Update on Rhett

I haven't posted on here much lately about Rhett, and so I wanted to give an update on how things are going.  But first, have you seen Rhett's new look?  We designed his helmet for the upcoming summer months.  I mean, if your head is going to should at least look cute, right?  

Tim and I ordered the helmet stickers from our friend Coree with Bling Your Band.  She does great work!  We love how they turned out.

 wave on the side

 back view:  flip flops, palm tree, and crab

 other side: surfer dude on a wave

front view:  Rhett's name on a surfboard and a smiley sun (hard to see in this pic)

For those of you new to our blog, Rhett has been in a DocBand helmet for the past 8.5 months.  He was born with plagiocephaly and torticollis, and his head was flat on one side.  This is our third, and final, helmet.  We have seen great changes in Rhett's head, and are very pleased with the results.  We are still using the helmet to try to correct more of the shape of his head.  Rhett still has flattening on the back left side of his head, and his ears are still misaligned.  He will never have a perfectly shaped head, but we are going to use his band to get as much correction as we can until he outgrows it.  We are driving to Austin every other week right now to get the helmet adjusted.

Rhett was diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia when he was 11 months old.  We are still learning about this condition, but know that developmental delays and sensory issues are common.  Because of this, he is in physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Therapy is going well.  It is such a part of our life now.  (Rhett has been in physical therapy since he was 4 months old!)  His physical therapist, Lauri, works with Rhett on gross motor skills like standing, pulling up, cruising, balance, and strength.  His occupational therapist, Kelly, works with him on fine motor skills like poking, pushing buttons, pulling, reaching, and using both his hands at the same time.

We have seen amazing progress, especially in the last month or so.  We are thankful for the support and encouragement of our therapists, family, and friends.  We do not know what the future holds for Rhett, but we do know that we have a healthy, happy little boy who has already overcome so much.  God has given us such peace and we know that He has a plan for Rhett (and Rhys, too!).  

Prayer Requests:
*That Rhett's head shape will continue to improve (we have about 8-10 more weeks in this helmet)
*for Rhett's ankles to get stronger (therapists are concerned with the way he puts weight toward inside of his ankles....watching this closely right now)
*wisdom for Rhett's therapists as they continue to monitor his progress
*motivation for me to continue to do the exercises and stretches with Rhett daily


  1. Misty,

    You have a perfect little boy, (and girl) and God gave him the perfect mommy. Praying for Rhett, and your family.


  2. Misty, I laughed out loud at the fun decorations on Rhett's new helmet....they remind me of Uncle Mikey! I am so in awe of the wonderful job you (& Tim) are doing taking care of these sweet babies' needs. You must have the patience of Job to be able to give such excellent care to TWO babies, one of whom has special needs at this time. I pray that all the various kinds of therapy will eventually bring Rhett to a place where his disabilities either are conquered, or are quite insignificant. Love you guys so much! PRAYING!

  3. Loved the pics and the update on Rhett. Praying for that precious boy and his mama (and the rest of the gang too.) No heads are ever perfect anyway right? I still have my soft spot that never grew together (which might explain some things:) That boy is perfect in every way. Love ya and love how you love those babies!