Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Day IT Happened.

Well, today was the day.  The day IT happened.  The day I have been dreading since I became a mother.  Some say I am lucky that IT has not happened sooner, or that IT hasn't happened on numerous occasions.    This is a day I will certainly never forget.

We had dinner, as usual, and while I was cleaning up the kitchen R&R played nearby.  Rhett was busy pushing his truck around and around the table and Rhys was "organizing" our tupperware cabinet.  Just a normal evening around here.  When I finished the dishes, it was bath time.

I went into the bathroom, started the water, and listened as R&R squealed with delight and then started coming (Rhys running and Rhett crawling) just as fast as their little bodies would take them.  Both babies were undressed, placed in their bath seats, and then bathed.  Everyone was having a great time and I was enjoying watching them play.  Rhett was splashing Rhys, and Rhys was trying to give Rhett all 200 of the bath toys we had in the tub.

It was time to get them out, but they were having so much fun, so I let them play for a few more minutes.  I went ahead and started draining the water.  The twins love to watch it disappear and try to grab the water as it goes down.   While the water was draining, I randomly chose to get Rhys out first.  I dried her off, and put her diaper on.  IT must have happened while I was doing this.

IT was waiting for me.

When IT happened, I didn't freak out.  I just kept reminding myself that IT happens to everyone.  All children do IT and dealing with IT is just a part of motherhood.  Like a rite of passage, I suppose.

I know you are wondering what I did next, aren't you?

I laughed.  Loud.  And then I scooped Rhett out of his bath chair to find IT.  IT was waiting for me.  IT was stinky.

Well, we made it to almost 14 months before IT became a part of our story.

Of course, wouldn't you know that Tim was working late tonight and missed IT.  All of IT.

P.S.  When I signed up to be a mom, cleaning poop out of the bathtub was not something I ever thought I would have to do.  But I survived IT.

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  1. Ha! I had to clean IT up 3 times with my older daughter. Not looking forward to IT happening with my youngest.