Saturday, May 5, 2012

AFC Reunion

A couple weeks ago we headed to College Station (WHOOP!) to be a part of the 40th anniversary of the Aggies for Christ.  The AFC is special to us because Tim and I met through the outreach of the A&M Church of Christ and this college ministry.  We were very involved in this ministry during our time at Texas A&M.

As an added bonus, Tim has a lot of Aggies in his family, and many of them were able to join in for the weekend as well.  On Friday, we drove into College Station, checked into our hotel, and then met some of Tim's family for dinner.  A big thank you to Wes for organizing it all.  We had dinner with Wes, Pam and Caleb, Aunt Bettie, Bdad and Gram, and Paul and Susan.

R&R were ready to eat!  I had brought dinner for them, but they really enjoyed the spanish rice I fed them off my plate.  :)

They both loved sitting with Paul and Susan.   Actually, they loved everything about Paul and Susan.  When Paul ordered his dinner, Rhett started laughing.  And then laughed every time Paul talked.  Here is Rhys getting tickled by a very funny cousin Susan.  We had such a good time....just look at the man at the table behind us enjoying our fun, too!

Thanks Paul and Susan for entertaining our kids!

During dinner, I looked up and saw Rhett squinting.  I wasn't sure what he was doing.  Susan told us that she had been winking at Rhett and it looked like he was trying to wink back.  Thank goodness Tim snapped a quick video because this was too funny!

Rhett had a great time staring out the window.  He was trying to figure out how to get outside.

Then he smashed his face up against the window like this.

So cute!

Enjoying some hugs from Susan.

After dinner, we headed over to Wes and Pam's for a while to visit and hang out.  R&R chased around their adorable, and very patient puppy, while Tim ate a gallon of Pam's homemade chocolate dip and we all visited.  A big thank you to Wes and Pam for having us all over!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics of all the fun that we had there.

We then headed to our hotel to put the babies down for the night.  I was really worried about them getting to sleep, and it took about 30-40 minutes to settle them down, but then they both slept through the night.  Yay for good sleep away from home!

Rhys loved playing in the hotel and was obsessed with the air conditioner.  She would take the temperature knob off, hand it to us, and then watch us put it back on.  Then she would take it off again, hand it to us, etc.  Rhett just stayed close to the door while playing.  He was trying to escape, I think.  Every time the door opened he would try to get outside.

We hung out at the hotel Saturday morning for breakfast and naps, and then went up to the church for a special luncheon.  It was so neat to see so many of our friends from college.  We had a nice time visiting and catching up with a lot of different people.  I will say that it was so weird to see all of our friends with kids!  ;)  

Here is Rhys hanging out with Bdad during the lunch and fellowship time.

R&R had fun having lunch with Lauren, Camryn, and Addison, who are their 2nd cousins-twice-removed. (Is that right, Paul?)  Lauren and Camryn even helped R&R with their sippy cups when they dropped them....over and over again.  It was really sweet.  Can't wait to get these cousins together again soon.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Brenham to see my mom.  Once we got there, R&R went straight for the toy box.  My mom has a nice collection of very random things for the twins to play with.  And, of course, they love it.

Even though there are tons of toys, they want to play with the same one.

We put the babies to bed early and my mom graciously agreed to "twinsit" for us so that we could go back to College Station for more of the activities.  We took her up on her offer and ran out the door!  :)    Tim took me to Layne's for dinner.  Layne's is a restaurant that we used to love in college.  All they sell is chicken tenders, texas toast, cole slaw and french fries.  They have a special sauce they make to eat with the chicken and Tim could drink the stuff he loves it so much.  We were excited to eat there, but did feel very old pulling into the parking lot in our mini van!

After dinner we went up to campus for a devotional.  One of the things I loved most about the Aggies for Christ when I was in college was the Tuesday night devotionals on campus.  Every week, around 9 pm, hundreds of students would gather on campus to sing and worship together.   And this devotional, too, did not disappoint.  The singing was unbelievable.

After the devotional was over, there was lots of hugging, laughing, and visiting between friends.  We enjoyed seeing many of our college friends.

One of our sweet friends, Paige and me

Trisha, Amanda, Annabelle, and John

And we even got to see some of our dear Thai friends, too!  Kinnaree, Rung, and Jason

We love Bob & Myrt Davidson!  They are the original "founders" of the AFC.  This couple means so much to Tim and me.  We so admire their marriage, ministry and love of people.

Before we left campus, we walked around a little and checked out the new student center that was just remodeled.  I wish that we had had more time to look around, but it was getting late and we needed to get back to Brenham.

Tim and me at the fountain outside the Memorial Student Center

Sugar took great care of the babies and everyone was sound asleep when we got home.  We got up Sunday morning and headed back to College Station for church.

After lunch, Bdad and Gram entertained R&R so Tim and I could visit with friends some more.  We are so thankful for wonderful grandparents!

Here are Bob and Myrt with Bdad, Gram & babies

We left College Station Sunday afternoon tired, encouraged, and feeling old!  :)    We drove to New Braunfels and decided to stop to feed the babies dinner.  Of course Tim knew of just the place!  We feasted at Herbert's Taco Hut.  The babies ate their fill of mexican food and then we walked down along the river, which was right next to the restaurant.  R&R liked getting their toes wet! :)  

We had a wonderful weekend!  We feel so blessed to have been a part of such a powerful ministry, and pray that the Aggies for Christ has another 40 years of success.


  1. What a fun weekend it was! It was great seeing you guys, and supper with R&R was a blast! They are so cute and such fun. Love you guys!

  2. We so wanted to be there but had soccer games and Jason preaching that weekend. :-( I'm glad you guys had fun. I got all emotional just reading about it...I sure have a lot of great memories with you and the AFC!