Monday, July 25, 2011

Thumbs Up!

Rhys showing off her new skill

After a couple weeks of "practice" we now have a couple of thumb suckers!  It is so funny to watch them try to find their thumbs.  Rhys has perfected the art of finding her thumb....she raises her fist to her forehead, then slides it down her face to her open mouth!  She does this every time.

Rhys sucking away LOUDLY

Let's not forget about the boy.  He took a couple more days, but also finally found his thumb!

Rhett found his thumb!

Rhett does not have a system like Rhys does to find his thumb.....he just puts his whole fist up to his mouth and starts sucking away until he finds something to suck on.  Sometimes it is his whole fist, sometimes 2 fingers, and when he gets lucky, he finds his thumb.

Rhett slobbering over his thumb and entire hand

Some parents discourage thumb sucking, but we actually like it.  Even though we have bought tons of pacifiers, they are usually lost when we need them.  Those thumbs are always easy to find though!  We also think it is really cute.  So "thumbs up" to R & R for their new skill!

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  1. Our 2nd one is a thumb-sucker, and we were SO happy when he finally did it b/c we were constantly fetching, cleaning, and putting the pacifier back in his older brother's mouth when he was a baby. I'd go the thumb route again, even though he's almost 4 and the dentist says we have to make him stop. Yay for not having to put a pacifier back in their mouths 10 times a night!!