Saturday, July 16, 2011

4 Months

4 month old baby Aggies
So hard to believe that my little babies are 4 months old!  Tim and I find it simply amazing to be able to watch the changes that are taking place! We will go to the pediatrician next week for their 4 month checkup.  I'll post their stats later on.  Here is what the babies have been up to during this past month...

*We've started seeing lots of smiles and hearing lots of cooing!  It is so fun to watch the babies' expressions.
*Rolling over - a couple of times from tummy to back, but not on purpose yet.
*Starting to try to hold things or reach for things.
*Enjoy being held up over our shoulders so they can see everything that is going on.
*Both babies still love to be swaddled.  We actually double swaddle them!  Rhys is our "Houdini" and usually gets one arm out by morning!
*Started sleeping through the night...babies eat at 7pm and are in bed by 7:45 pm.  We don't see them again until 7am the next morning!  YAY for sleep!
Swaddled and ready for bed
*absolutely LOVES his bouncer.  We call it his "big man chair."  He will sit there as long as we will let him!  He especially loves sitting in it by the back door where he can see outside.  We don't go outside much since it is so hot, so I'm sure he is curious as to what exists in that backyard!
Rhett lounging in his "big man chair"
*has his hands in his mouth constantly!  He has found his thumb a couple of times, but it is usually a fist or at least 2 fingers at a time.
*is still spitting up alot!  We call it "the fountain."  He eats and burps just fine....but then continues to spit up, like a little fountain, until the next time he eats.  He does create quite a bit of laundry!
*loves to be talked to and loves to talk back!  In order to have a conversation with Rhett, you must be making eye contact with him and smiling a lot.
*still loves to be held!  He is our little cuddle buddy!
*is so easy going!  He rarely fusses and just goes with the flow.
*loves his car seat and usually sleeps in the car.
*is ticklish!  We have found a tickle spot on his chubby legs that gets us several sweet giggles.

*loves her Baby Einstein play mat.  She will squeal and smile at the blinking star that plays music.  We keep thinking she will get tired of this, but she acts like it is a new toy every day!
Playing together on the mat
*has also found her hands and loves to put them in her mouth.  She has found her thumb a couple of times but is not consistent with it yet.
*started using a pacifier.  Rhys was never interested in a pacifier but has started trying it out occasionally.  She usually wants it when she is tired or in the morning before breakfast.
*wants to talk to us so bad, but can't seem to get anything out!  She gives us plenty of sweet smiles though!
*LOVES the book Goodnight Moon.  She gets very focused on it and wiggles in excitement when she sees it. (being a teacher, of course, this melts my heart!)
*is very independent.  She loves to be with us, but doesn't always want to be held.  She is very content in her swing, bouncer, or just laying on a blanket with a toy.

Here is what we are doing right now.  I am pretty flexible (well, I try to be!) and the times are just approximate.  I am thinking that some of this may change during this new month.

7am - wake and nurse
7:30-8:30 - wake time (play on mats, bouncers, read books, etc.)
8:30-11  nap
11am - nurse
11:30-12:30 wake time (tummy time, mats, books, run errands)
12:30-2:00 nap
2 pm - nurse
2:30-3:45 wake time (tummy time, mats, books)
3:45-5:00 nap
5:00 - nurse
5:30-7:00 wake time (baths and books with daddy/mommy cooks dinner, swings while mommy & daddy eat)
7:00 pm - bottle and bed

Relaxing with daddy
Twin Tummy Time!

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  1. I am sooooo envious of your schedule! For some reason Ben does NOT sleep!!! He is good at night but he hardly sleeps during the day. He has a pretty regular afternoon nap, but morning and late afternoon it is hit or miss. So frustrating! With Ellie and Gracelyn it was so much easier for some reason! They knew when to nap and would sleep for long periods of time, like Rhett and Rhys. Not Ben! I am so glad they are taking it easy on you and letting you get some rest, too!! :)