Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Really IS a Twin's Life...

Sometimes, when you are a twin, life isn't fair.

You have to share your mom and dad with that other one.

You have to wait for things...things you don't want to wait for.

Things like a clean diaper, a hug, milk, a toy, being held, etc.

Sometimes you just want it now.

And when you don't get it now, you might do this:

Rhett demonstrating life as a twin
And what can I say, but, "It's a twin's life."


  1. This made me laugh. Poor babies!! Tell Rhett that at least he didn't have to go to swim lessons and sports and arts camp with two crazy older sisters yesterday...that's Addison's 3rd baby life :)

  2. Ohhhh. That makes aunt Sandra want to come hold that baby boy!!! Ha however I know it's really not that bad!!!! Those little angels are getting so big! I would love to see them this weekend.