Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Poor Neglected Blog...

So yeah, maybe I have been neglecting this blog.  Five months without a post.  Oops.

 I love writing/blogging.  I love documenting life, especially with pictures, and I really love recording memories that may soon be forgotten.

I have no good excuse as to why this blog has been stagnant.

Am I too busy?  Lazy?  Just distracted?  I'm not sure.

Today I decided that I wanted to start again.  So, helloooooooo.....  Is anyone still out there?

Of course, I make no promises.  It is only THE busiest time of the year.  Our calendars are full of parties and play dates, cookie exchanges and Santa visits.  My laundry has formed mountains in the hallway, I can see paint splattered on the kitchen blinds (thanks to a crazy finger-painting Rhett last week), and the tubs of Christmas stuff?  Yes, they are still stacked all over the living room, with random items from them strewn around the house.  I do have two eager helpers, ya know!

Not to toot my own horn over here, but we did put up our tree BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.  It might not have anything on it yet, but hey, the tree is up.  I'm not sure the kids even know that we have more to do on the tree.  They think it is beautiful as is!  We will hopefully finish the decorating this week, but if you do happen to see us in the next few days (or weeks), please don't ask the kids if they decorated the tree yet.  We will blow up social media when that tree is finished.

It's good to be back.  If you keep reading, I promise to keep writing.

More updates coming soon.  In the meantime, a few recent pictures of R&R.


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  1. It's GREAT to hear your "blog voice" again, Misty! I WILL keep reading. To be perfectly honest, I don't think I ever read your last post (July), but I will get back on track if you will!! I DO love your wonderful & witty posts about your precious twins!!