Monday, December 29, 2014

December Fun

We had such a fun, busy December!  Some of the highlights include:

*Decorating our tree!

Rhett mostly ran around while we put the ornaments on, but Tim did get him to contribute a little by putting him on his shoulders.

Rhys LOVED decorating the tree, and probably put on 75% of the ornaments herself.

And that 75% was on the bottom third of our tree.  Our tree did not look amazing, and had some bare spots, but it was just perfect to me.

After the tree was decorated, we continued our family tradition of hot chocolate.  Nothing like wearing shorts and drinking hot chocolate in December.

*Going Christmas shopping as a family.  We had to take a quick picture before we left because I am in love with these new shirts I bought the twins.  Aren't they cute?

Taking a break in Toys R Us so Rhett could help Rhys with her necklace.

*We made a Gingerbread House!  There was lots of tasting and licking going on.  Next year, I will make sure we do this at another time other than right before bedtime.  And I will make sure daddy is home.  There may have been some structural issues with our house.  :)

Here is Rhett with the side of the roof he decorated.

And Rhys with her side.

The finished product.

*Several families from our church went Christmas caroling at a nursing home.  The kids passed out treats while we walked the halls and sang.   I remember doing this as a kid and I am hoping this is a tradition we continue with our family.

*Crafts!  We did a lot of holiday crafts this year, but the kids really enjoyed painting these little ornaments I bought.

Look at the concentration!

We had such a fun December!  More posts coming up soon including Sea World, a trip to the Riverwalk, and of course Christmas!

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