Sunday, September 1, 2013

TWO at the ZOO!

I know this post is almost 6 months late...but I now have two TWO YEAR OLDS running around!  On March 17, Rhett and Rhys celebrated their 2nd birthday.  Instead of a party, we celebrated by spending a day at the zoo with some of our family.

We were thrilled that Bdad and Gram, Sugar, and Aunt Caydee and Uncle Sean were able to spend the weekend with us!

R&R had fun looking at all of the animals, but I think their favorite part of the day was running up and down the path around the zoo.

The aquarium was also a popular spot that day.

 It is still hard for me to believe that they are TWO!

You know R&R just love snack time!

Rhys was especially loving at the zoo giving out hugs,

holding hands,

and being super sweet to her bubba.

The bird aviary was really neat!  Rhys was scared to go in so Sugar sat out with her.  Rhett was unsure at first, but felt better with Aunt Caydee holding him.  Uncle Sean seemed to attract all the birds!

We stopped mid-morning for a lunch break.

Rhys was thrilled to try a granola bar for the first time.

Love this pic of my favorite people looking at the flowers.

R&R had so much fun with Bdad and Gram!

And with their Sugar.

We had such a fun day celebrating our special two year olds.

That evening, we opened gifts.  They got baskets full of summer goodies from Caydee and Sean...beach towels, swim suits, water guns, pool toys, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and more!

Sugar gave Rhett a new Radio Flyer tricycle.  As you can see, he loved the box.

Sugar gave Rhys a charm bracelet with a cupcake charm.  She was in love.

 Bdad and Gram spoiled R&R with some super comfy bean bag chairs!  The twins were definite fans.

The next day was Sunday, the twins' actual birthday.  We all worshipped together at church, and then headed to MoMak's for lunch.  We loved having our family and some close friends join us.

 Peyton, Rhett, Rhys, and Ry enjoyed a cupcake

 Aunt Caydee is so fun she even went on the slide with Rhys!

 Nathan and Ry

buddies Rhett and Ryland

Happy Birthday Rhett and Rhys!

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  1. Soooo adorable! Looks like y'all had a BLAST at the ZOO! Our boys loved the zoo, any zoo, when they were little, but we all especially enjoyed the San Antonio Zoo. I imagine it has been quite a busy experience, having TWO two-year-olds, but more fun than a barrel of monkeys! What a great idea, spending their birthday at the zoo. So glad the grands and aunt & uncle could join the fun. Love all you guys!