Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family Beach Pictures

While we were in Galveston last week, I wanted to take some pictures of the kids and of our family on the beach.  Of course, the morning we decide to take pictures, the kids were not really in the mood.  Rhett just wanted to chase birds, and Rhys wanted to be held the entire time.  We were able to get a few good ones, though...

pointing to a bird!

 there Rhett goes chasing a bird again...

 watching the waves with Sugar

 my favorite

 my other favorite

 being silly to avoid meltdowns

 Rhett is DONE

 time for a break

 a quick pep talk

 it's not working

can we go play yet?

of course Pig was in on the action, too

So thankful for digital cameras, grandma, Pig, beach birds, and God's beautiful creation!

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  1. Such precious pictures of your beautiful family!