Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So I Don't Forget...

At 21 months old, Rhett and Rhys are changing so fast and learning something new everyday.  It is exciting, but also makes me a bit emotional.  Even though the days are sometimes long and challenging, I am so very thankful for these days.  So many things I don't want to forget...

*Rhett adores Rhys and she is the first thing he asks for in the morning when I get him out of bed.  I love hearing that boy say "Weee?"

*Rhys is obsessed with cell phones.  She knows how to work my iPhone, and can quickly find the Veggie Tales app and scroll through pictures and videos.  She knows how to work the volume, get back to the "home" screen, and turn it off.  She usually only gets to hold my phone or play with it on special occasions, when we are out of town or out of the house on errands, etc.  While we are playing at home, however, she has become quite creative and can make a phone out of anything!  She will even use her hand as a phone if she doesn't have a toy.  Rhys usually jabbers while on her phone and if you ask her who she is talking to she will more than likely say it is "Guger" (Sugar - my mom).  She will jabber and then say "bye."

 Her favorite "phone", a rectangular block (she also texts on it!)

 Rhys busy on her phone while playing

using the Wii remote as a phone

Rhys' making a call during breakfast

*Both R&R love their stuff animals and love carrying them around all day long.  So fun to see them claim some as their own (Rhys-giraffe, frog, pig, sheep and Rhett-puppy, monkey).  They share them, fight over them, push them around in the shopping cart and laundry baskets....these animals get lots of love!

 Rhysie lovin on her lamb

hiding out with all the animals

 going shopping

Rhett bringing Rhys her animals 

*When Rhys is tired and I am holding her, she will gently rub my back with that sweet little hand.

*Rhett will run up to me throughout the day and just give me a hug....I hope this never stops!

Thank you, Lord, for these precious memories!


  1. SOOOO precious, Misty! These babies are almost not babies any more, and you definitely don't want to forget these sweet moments. The "phone thing" with Rhys is hilarious. I think it must be a "girl thing", because all three of Clint & Alyssa's girls did pretty much the same thing. It STILL makes my heart smile, & brings me great pleasure to remember my babies, and the cute/funny things they did so many years ago (like 40 plus through 50 plus years ago)! Keep documenting & remembering!

  2. Bethany does the same thing with the phone. I love listening to her jabber.