Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cake Smash!

After the twins turned one, we decided that we wanted to do a cake smash photo session.  We scheduled a session with the same photographer that did the twins' newborn pictures.  Thanks Courtney....we love how they turned out! 

Before we brought out the cakes, we decided to try to get a few pictures of the twins.  Getting them in a picture together did not happen (they kept crawling away from us!), but we were able to get a few of them individually.

Rhys went first....

I love this picture because Rhys makes this expression a lot right now...

And this one....see that little "hook" on her nose?  It's her trademark thumb-sucking pose.

And my favorite of our little girl.

Then it was Rhett's turn.  He is usually so shy around people he doesn't know well, but he loved Courtney!  He was actually quite a little flirt that day.

He looks so big to me!

My favorite!

When we brought out the cupcakes, they just sat there.  And didn't do anything.  Ha!  I don't know what we expected, but it wasn't that!

Rhett carefully touched the icing and tasted it...

And Rhys just sat there.  Sucking her thumb.  She was not sure what was going on.

 Then I tried to make her touch/taste the icing.  And this is what happened.

She did NOT like the icing on her fingers at all!

Rhett decided that he liked it!

Rhys finally settled down a little...

And while she crawled around, Rhett had himself a little party.  With 2 giant cupcakes all to himself.


We had so much with this and will treasure these pictures forever.  Thanks again, Courtney!


  1. These are so cute! I really love the one of them together after Rhys settled down. With just her fingers dirty and her big, sweet smile, it makes it look like Rhett was up to a little mischief. He was the one doing what you wanted! His face almost seems to portray that he wasn't in the cake. :o)

    I also love the next one of Rhett's "solo party"...sooooo cute!

  2. Such adorable pictures of beautiful babies. LOVE the cake pictures! I think this means that Rhyss is going to be the "clean" child, not wanting to get sticky & messy. Not sure about Rhett...what do you think? :)