Sunday, June 24, 2012

14 Months

14 months old and loving life!  It seems like the twins are learning something new every single day and changing so fast.  They are so alike in many ways, but also very different. 

Rhett's physical therapist wanted him climbing the stairs several times a day (to work on his coordination) and so we have been "practicing."  It only took a couple of days and they had it down. The twins love going up just as fast as they can.  And this momma (and her back) is sooooo happy to not have to make 2 trips upstairs carrying those heavy babies.  Now if only we could teach them to go down the stairs...

ready, set, go!

Rhett and Rhys still enjoy playing together, or at least taking things from each other.  Without consent.  It can be pretty funny sometimes.  Actually, Rhys is very sensitive to Rhett's needs.  If he grunts, whines, cries, or makes any kind of noise, she starts bringing stuff to him.  It is so funny!  Sometimes if he wants what she has, she tries to get him interested in another toy.

Our favorite activities this month have been playing in boxes, with water bottles, old containers, measuring cups, etc.  They are more interested in their riding and push toys.  We have also kept busy with our new sand table, water table, and our wonderful back yard.

 our very favorite thing to in a box, even if it is a tight squeeze!


 fun water table


Rhett giving his baby sis a ride on the train

Our schedule hasn't really changed too much this month.  I was noticing that it was taking Rhys forever to fall asleep for her afternoon nap, so I did shorten the morning nap a little.  I have to wake them up almost every day from that nap.  I hate waking up peaceful, sleeping babies, but it is working out for us right now.  

7 a.m.  Wake, milk
7:30  Breakfast
9:00  Nap
10:30  Wake
11:30-12:00  Independent Playtime
12:00  Lunch
1:30  Nap
3:30/4:00  Wake, snack
5:30  Dinner
6:30  Bath
7:00  Bed

The twins are great eaters, and really love their food.  They had been trying to eat off of each other's trays, so one day for snack time I just let them share a tray.  They thought it was hilarious!

The transition to whole milk has been interesting.  Rhys doesn't drink a whole lot of milk.....she likes the taste okay, I think, but just doesn't drink a lot.   And Rhett.....well, he can't get enough milk!  He waits for Rhys to drop her cup and then gulps it down, too!

milk thief! (notice he is hiding behind the freezer)

Both twins seem to really enjoy brown rice, avocado, quinoa, sweet potato, strawberries and oatmeal.  Rhys' very favorite food right now is banana, and she starts kicking her little feet when she sees one.   Rhett's favorite right now is green peas and crackers.  Neither twin will eat eggs, and Rhett will not eat banana.  

Rhys at 14 Months:
*size 12-18 month clothing
*size 4 diaper
*size 3-4 shoe
*6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom)

Rhys loves carrying around purses, containers, bags, boxes, anything that she can put stuff into!  

She is walking everywhere and is very good at it!  She has also started climbing.  Uh oh.  Rhys is very coordinated and learns quickly.  She definitely keeps me on my toes!

using the laundry basket to climb onto the couch

Rhys is fascinated by her belly button.  She is very good at pointing to her belly button and nose on command.  If you come over, we will show off her new tricks.

here is my belly button!

daddy's sunglasses are cool!

The girl loves going outside!  Sometimes she will go and get her shoes (well actually, just one shoe) and then go and sit by the back door.  Sure is hard to say no to that! 

Favorite toy this month:  a plastic coffee can full of bugs!  Yes, bugs!  Very real looking spiders, snakes, lizards and the like.  Tim and I were cleaning out the garage one day and we trapped the twins in a pack n play outside with us.  I was going through a box of stuff from school and came across these from my Insect Unit.  I threw them in the pack n play and they were instantly a hit!  So maybe we will have a little tom boy?  A little tom boy with a big bow on?

Rhys has started using sign language with us and it is awesome!  She can sign please, more, milk, and all done.  It is amazing to see her little mind working.  I think she understands a lot of what we say!  She really loves to share and will give you all of her toys.  She also likes to share her food.  Rhys has recently started pointing at things, including people.  We always name whatever it is that she points to and Rhys always replies with "du-du."  That is her word for everything!  She is not saying any recognizable words yet, but babbles all day.  She also "reads" with inflection in this soft little voice and it just melts my heart!  

Rhett at 14 Months:
*size 12-18 month clothing
*size 4 diaper
*size 4 shoe 
*12 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom, and one year molars about half way in!) = LOTS AND LOTS OF DROOL

I love playing in the water!

Rhett has made amazing progress this month!  He is now pulling up onto everything and really prefers to be standing.  His little chubby legs and ankles are getting stronger every day.  He is cruising around the furniture and gaining confidence and strength each week.  He loves pulling up onto our entertainment center and tries to get the Wii.  Looks like I have 2 climbers.  Double Trouble!

Rhett is still super cuddly and snuggly and loves to be held.  He really loves sitting in his daddy's lap.  I think this picture is so funny because Rhett is loving on Rhys' doll.

Rhett's personality has really started to come out!  He is really funny and laughs a lot.  He loves to be tickled and chased.  He gets really silly before naps and bedtime when he is tired.  Rhett makes some of the funniest faces and expressions.

"what, mom?  I didn't eat any grass!"

14 months....such a fun time!

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  1. So funny, precious & adorable! Misty, you will be so happy one day that you documented the twins' progress, and all the funny little things they do. You think you will remember everything, but you really won't. Especially with two, there is no way. So your blog will be a very welcome reminder of these wonderful days! By the way, there IS a way to teach them to come DOWN the stairs, safely. Sit down on the stairs, and teach them to come down on their bottoms. Addison picked that up pretty quickly, I think. Keep those sweet posts coming! Love you guys!