Monday, January 30, 2012

The Great Outdoors

After several days of this...

And this...


And this...

Oh, and this...

We knew it was time to spend some time outdoors.  

Tim recently discovered that Northwest Vista College has a disc golf course and wanted to try it out, so last weekend we loaded up the stroller, water bottles, snacks, our discs and headed out.  Oh, and we loaded up the twins too!  

The course was beautiful and had tons of trees!  Tim played the 18 holes of golf while I pushed the babies in the stroller.  They had a great time!  I'm sure we will be visiting this course again soon.

1st time playing disc golf

"what are these things and why are you throwing them?"

Then this past weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to head over to our neighborhood playground.  We started out with the swings...

We originally put the babies each in their own swing, but they were falling forward and just didn't look comfortable.  Once we put them in the same swing it worked much better!  Rhett and Rhys both loved it!

But Rhett loved it the most!  He did not stop laughing the whole time he was in the swing.

Rhys had a good time too. (ignore my annoying "mommy voice" in the background!)

After the swings, Rhys tried out the slide.

Then the twins played in the rocks.  And tried to eat them.

They watched other kids playing.

And even swung on the big swings with mommy and daddy.

After we played, we went for a walk on the trail through the park.

R&R love being outside, and we love that they love it!  Tim is such an outdoor enthusiast and he is already planning out fishing, camping, kayaking, and other trips to do with the twins.  I'm sure we will have lots of outdoor adventures with our little family.  Until then, we will enjoy the park, our walks, and swings!

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