Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas!  After packing up what seemed like our entire house to travel for Thanksgiving, we were not looking forward to doing it again for Christmas.  So when my mom asked us if we could do Christmas at our house, we were more than happy to host!  

We bought a new tree this year, as well as a new tree skirt and stockings.  I love how it all turned out!

There are bells sewn on to the tree skirt....and Rhys could not stay away from them!  She loved shaking them and trying to figure out how to get them in her mouth.  I think she might have spent at least an hour a day playing right here...

And maybe another hour a day playing with bows...

Or with the soft "R" stocking Uncle Ted gave her...

And also with all the gifts...

And Rhett just enjoyed watching it all!
We were so happy to have my mom, my older sister Brandy and brother-in-law Jeff, and my younger sister Caydee and brother-in-law Sean here for Christmas!  Mom, Caydee and Sean were able to come up a few days early.  We had a great time!  Aunt Caydee and Uncle Sean decided that R&R could open one of their gifts from them a couple days early!

Bubbles!  So much fun!

Sean read lots of books...
Rhys and Uncle Sean

Rhett with Uncle Sean

And Aunt Caydee made everyone a beautiful wreath!  She is super crafty like that.  I want to be like her.

Here are the babies on Christmas Eve in their Christmas pajamas.  I think wearing matching Christmas pj's will be an annual tradition around here!  Another tradition we started....going to look at Christmas lights and ordering pizza.  We had a fun evening.

Christmas morning we all went to church together.  Here is our little family on Christmas Day.

And one of the twins with my mom, "Sugar."

We were so excited when Brandy and Jeff were able to join us Christmas afternoon.  Our family has a tradition of doing gag gifts for each other and this year's selections did not disappoint.

Tim and Sean were gifted with some wonderful puppets from Brandy and Jeff.

Brandy got some whiskey from Tim.

Jeff got his favorite movie, The Christmas Shoes from Sugar.

I got Doe and Buck Urine from Sean.

Caydee got some Sing-a-ma-Jigs from me. I don't have a pic.  :(

The best gag gift this year went to my mom from Caydee.  Introducing....
SUGAR ON A SHELF!  Not to be confused with "Elf on a Shelf."

My super crafty sister made this "Sugar on a Shelf" out of a bag of sugar.  It came with a sweater, skirt, and hat.  I'm sure this will come in handy as Sugar's grandkids get older.  She will always be watching them!

Rhett and Rhys were spoiled by all and had fun playing with all the bows, tissue paper, and boxes.  Oh, and of course, they loved their gifts.

My favorite Christmas gift this year was a quilt that my mom had made for me out of some of my dad's t-shirts.  Many of the shirts were things we had done together....bungee jumping in Thailand, marathons and other races, etc.

My mom made each of my sisters and I a quilt.  Here is a picture of Caydee's quilt.

After all the gifts had been opened, there was one tiny box still under the tree.  It was to Sugar from Brandy and Jeff.  Though the box was small, it contained a huge was a positive pregnancy test letting Sugar know that she would be a grandma again this summer.


On the Monday following Christmas, my whole family and Tim's family met up at the Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse. was amazing!  If you have never been to one of these places, you should go!  We had a really great time, and of course enjoyed the great food!

After a big lunch we headed back to our house for dessert and to open gifts with Tim's family. 
Rhys enjoyed sitting with Uncle Mike

opening gifts with Bdad and Gram

This Christmas was bittersweet for me.  It was the first Christmas without my sweet daddy.  It was also the twins 1st Christmas.  Through all the emotions I kept trying to focus on "things above."  I was reminded of how blessed we are to serve a God that loved us enough to give us Jesus.  And for that I celebrate...Christmas Day and always.  I was also reminded that this world is not my home.  And for that I am thankful, full of hope, and encouraged.  


  1. Misty, I love your blog posts! It's so fun to see you and Tim and your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!