Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confessions of a Twin Mom

I haven't showered in 3 days.  Please don't judge me.   BT (Before Twins) I showered daily, and sometimes twice a day.  BT I took long, relaxing showers.   Now that the twins are here, I have found that showering is not all that important.  It is optional at this point.  And a luxury.  And a long shower....yeah right.

At least I bathe my kids every day, right?

During bath time tonight, I found sweet potatoes stuck to Rhys' head.  No big deal, you say?  Kids are messy.....especially babies.  Cut yourself some slack, Misty.   Except then I realized that the twins didn't eat sweet potatoes today.

I am wearing the same nursing tank that I wore yesterday.  Because all of the other ones were dirty.  And they are still dirty because I forgot that I started the load of laundry last night, and the wet clothes are still sitting in the washing machine.  Except that now they aren't clean because they smell like old, wet clothes.  So they need to be washed again.

At least I am wearing pants, right?

This is progress.  I should mention that the pants are covered in spit up, dried milk, snot, strawberry pop tart filling, and sweet potatoes (not from today's menu).  There is something else on the pants but I'm not sure what.  Maybe it's best we don't know.

We had cereal for dinner.  AGAIN.  I had taken a roast out of the freezer yesterday because I wanted to "wow" Tim with a delicious dinner tonight.  He deserved it!  He has kindly eaten cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches several times this past month week, and I wanted to make something good.  When I went to get it all ready in the crock pot this morning, I realized that I did not buy the seasoning packets I needed.  No seasoning packets = no roast = cereal for dinner.

At least it was made from 100% whole grains, right?

My house is a wreck.

I have a stack of bills and mail on the counter and it is growing every day.

There are 6 pair of shoes sitting out in the living room at this very moment.

My refrigerator has a weird smell coming from the veggie bin.

I ate pop tarts for breakfast.  And lunch.

I did not do Rhett's therapy with him today.

I am behind on emails and phone calls with friends.  (I love you all and promise I am not ignoring you!)

My sheets need to be washed.

My fern is almost dead. (I know, I know, ferns are impossible to kill.  I don't think I've watered it since before the twins were born)

There is a mountain of laundry in my room, in the nursery, and in the living room.

Both of my diaper pails are full and I keep trying to cram just one more diaper in.  (I am secretly hoping Tim will discover it is full and take the diapers out before I have to.)

I really could go on and on...

I had a comment on my blog a couple weeks ago from someone I don't know.  They commented that I seem to "have it all together" and have a "perfect life."  I definitely don't have it all together, and though my life is not perfect, I am blessed.  I love being a mommy and all that comes with it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to shower, start my washing machine, and get tomorrow's pop tarts ready.


  1. I love it girl! So honest and refreshing. You are not alone!

  2. Definitely not alone. I don't have the excuse of twins and this sounds very much like my life. Only add some hay in my hair and barn dirt under my nails and minus the sweet potatoes.... Motherhood, it changes everything!

  3. I love reading your blog. You are so blessed with your precious twins. Enjoy your time with them. They grow up way too fast.

  4. Misty...I am praying for you!!! Sounds so much like my life after Micah was born and I had one baby and one 16 month old. You are doing awesome!!! Hang in there. Know that you are not alone and we have all been there!!!

  5. Misty! You just described my home! But like Cryssy said, swap out the baby related items with soccer bags, softball bags, toys, books, pampered chef boxes, kids artwork and school papers. I've come to a happy acceptance that this is life and that things get done when I can't postpone it any longer! We didn't become a stay-at-homes mom to keep our houses tidy. (That would actually be easier if we weren't in it all day!) BTW, I had cereal for dinner last night and if my house is clean it's because I knew you were coming!

  6. i have a 3 year old and a 3 week old and haven't showered in 2 days! I was just thinking this morning that I should just wait until tomorrow morning when Brandon will be home to watch the kids. You are soooo not alone! ;)

  7. Love this honest peek into your days as a mom. It all sounds very familiar! Showers are overrated;-)

  8. Misty, dear, you REALLY should find someone to come in and help you once a week or so (laundry, especially diapers, dusting, sweeping, mopping, wiping sweet potatoes off of everything. etc.) Not because you can't do those things, but because it would make your life so much easier, and give you more time with the babies, especially with as much time as you are having to spend on physical therapy, etc. Please don't take offense at my suggestion! I am just concerned about you not having much time (make that ANY time) for yourself. Moms HAVE to take some time for themselves on a regular basis, in order to have the strength to take care of their precious babies. I wish I lived closer....I would come over occasionally and let you take a breather. And DO NOT worry about replying to FB posts & emails, etc. Some things you really do have to let go! I love ALL of your precious family so much!

  9. Totally my life! You painted a perfect picture of what twin life is like! Guess gets better! Really, it actually does! I can actually shower now- well, you just have little ones knocking on the door and asking "are you done yet? Why are you in the shower? Mommy, hurry!" At least you get to shower though! And the stained clothes are pretty much gone- but the laundry and never getting to eat warm food never goes away! So true, it is all so true! Thanks for it!

  10. Misty, you crack me up. I love you. :-) The joys of being a mom! I have never had twins and my life/house is pretty much like that all the time too. I have to remind myself that one day I won't have children in the home and my spotless house will sadly remind me of that. I know you are enjoying them so much right now, even though you stink and have on dirty clothes, lol.

  11. Came across your blog from a follower of yours. You have amused me with your honesty and reminded me of life when my twins were just babies. OK, it's still my life. I thought it would get easier, then I had another one, then another one. So....
    Wish I could say it will get better, and for a short time, it wasn't too bad. When the twins where about... well actually, I'm not sure that it got better at all. There was a couple months, or was it weeks, that we could see our floor!

    So now I know have 4 girls, 6 yr old twins, one that is almost 4 and the baby just turned 2. On top of this, I homeschool while my husband is in the military. My time is limited and all the kids STILL wake up in the middle of the night leaving me with very little rest. Not to mention my sleepless nights lately.

    After some depression a couple years back, from not having my home organized and together, I have come to the realization that this will only last for about another 6 - 8 years ( I hope ). I'm dreaming that the twins will help a lot more by the time they are 12 or 14 and fall in love with the fact their parents love a clean house. :) Even if they don't, I'm hoping we can force help out of them, or at least bribe them.

    Nevertheless, I ended up scolding the kids more often than what I felt like I was loving them. I had a change of heart or a healing (through God) that I would focus on the important things in life. Taking the time to read a book to them, teaching them, playing with them, feeding them, doing special things with them, because in the end, someday, they will be gone and they will no longer be causing a mess in my home. I find myself happier knowing that I'm putting my kids first and not my home. I do get the necessities done and keep a clean home, just not a tidy home. Someday (I hope soon), they will all sleep through the night, do their school work more on their own as they learn to read and understand more, and my energy will be higher so I can focus on more cleaning.

    Until then, I too will have piles of laundry, dirty dishes, toys scattered in the floor, shoes everywhere, papers that need to be filed, pictures that need to be dusted, and wear my PJ's all day as I make memories with my children.

    Just wait when they start to experiment with making solutions and smearing their solution all over the house. And the artist that you will have with your walls being the canvas. Not to mention all the things that get in the floor. Bissell's little green shampooer is my best friend along with magic erasers, hand sanitizer and baby wipes! Oh, and my coffee!

    Enjoy your blessings from God! They will only be little once.