Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Millimeters

3 millimeters.....that is how much Rhett's head has grown in just a week!  My kid is a growing dude! 

Before I share about Rhett's appointment today, let me tell you what happened this weekend...

Everything had been going so great with Rhett and his band.  It is as if he didn't even really mind having it on.  We did the skin checks like we were supposed to, cleaned the band and his head each night, and made sure that it was on properly during the day.  Everything was fine....there was a little redness but it always went away within an hour (which is the normal time frame they gave us).  Here is pic of Rhett the first night he wore his helmet.  It was not hurting him....he looks fussy because he was tired and ready to eat and he was annoyed that I was taking pictures, I'm sure!

normal "red spot" on forehead

And then we went to the pediatrician Friday for the twins' 6 month checkup.  We had to take the band off so that the nurse could weigh Rhett.  When Tim took it off, there was a terrible smell.  It seriously filled up the whole room.  Then Tim put Rhett down to get his weight and when he picked him up, there was some yellow goo/slime/oozing-ness left behind on the scale.  I started freaking out and immediately looked at Rhett's head.  It looked awful.  Bright red and dry skin on the forehead and especially across the back.  It scared me and I was very worried.

very red and irritated back of head

 red spot on forehead

 very red and dry skin across the back

 Our pediatrician suggested that we put some hydrocortisone cream on the back of his head and leave the helmet off for 2-3 hours at a time, rather than just the 1 hour that we were told.  I wasn't sure what to do so I called Cranial Technologies.  They told me to leave the band off overnight and check his head in the morning.  So we did just that, and it looked so much better Saturday morning!  We kept an eye on it the rest of the weekend and he did fine.  It was a little red yesterday and so I kept the band off in the evening and all night.

Today we went back to Cranial Technologies in Austin for Rhett's first "growth adjustment."  At each appointment, they look at his head, take measurements, examine the band, and shave the inner layer of foam so that it creates the perfect amount of pressure on his head.  Since he is growing so fast, many changes had to be made today.  That was hard for me to believe since we were just there last Monday!

brave boy Rhett sitting on the exam table

being examined by our wonderful orthotist, Miss G

sitting with daddy during the appointment

His head has already grown 3 millimeters!  Miss G took Rhett's band in the other room to work on it.  While Rhett's band was getting adjusted, we had some play time in our room.  Since the babies had been in their car seats for about 3 hours that morning, they were glad to be able to stretch out and play!

 ready to play!


 the princess

 sharing the one toy mom packed in the diaper bag

 "your head looks nice and round, Rhys"

"help me!"

We typically don't put shoes on the twins....it's just one more thing to do.  And since they don't walk yet, do they really need shoes?  Anyway, I was feeling spontaneous this morning and decided to try shoes.  Tim thought Rhett looked so funny in shoes and had to take this next picture.

 chubby feet wearing shoes for the first time

After about 15 minutes of playing, Rhett's band was ready.  Miss G put it back on and checked everything again for us.  She explained that the redness we had experienced was most likely caused by heat rash, as well as his skin getting used to the band.  The adjustments that were made today should also help with the redness and irritation.

getting the new adjusted band back on

Rhett did great today!  And so did Rhys!  They were so sweet, and did great on our long ride to Austin and back.  We will go back again next Tuesday for another adjustment.  A long day, but a good day.
We are so thankful that we are able to get this treatment for Rhett.  Thank you all for your prayers!

worn out baby on the way home....check out his thumb "GIG 'EM"

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