Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bikes, a Trophy, and Tears

As first-time kindergarten parents, we have had several new experiences this school year.  Recently, we were able to watch our kids participate in the "Bike Rodeo" at their school.  This is an event in which kids can bring their bikes to school, and then they compete in different challenges.  This year, the students had to ride in a straight line, ride their bike as slowly as possible, ride around cones, brake in a specific area, and have their bike inspected.  They were scored on each challenge.  

Our kids have been riding balance bikes for a couple of years, and even though they had long outgrown them, we just continued to let them ride them around.  A couple months ago, we decided it was time to get them "big kid bikes" so we went one weekend and picked them out.  R&R were excited to try out the big bikes, but after riding them for a few minutes, would always go back to their little balance bikes.  

The week of the Bike Rodeo we really encouraged the kids to ride their big bikes to practice, since they wouldn't be able to use their balance bikes in the event.  But every day, after riding for a few minutes on the big bikes, the kids would end up riding their balance bikes.  Let's just say that we did not have high expectations for the Bike Rodeo, but were thrilled that both Rhett and Rhys wanted to participate.

The morning of the Bike Rodeo came, and it was actually cool outside! 

All lined up and ready to go!  R&R were the last 2 kindergarten kids to compete.

First stop was to get the bike inspected.

Since our bikes were almost new, R&R did good on the inspection.  I think they had points taken off for using training wheels, and also for not having a flashing light.

Here is Rhett going around the cones.

 Rhett trying to brake as close to the block as possible, without knocking it down.

Rhett riding between the lines.  Do you see all the little heads at the bottom of the picture?  Those are the kids who were not participating and they were cheering on their friends.  It was SO cute!

Look at Rhys' face on this one!  This picture show the fun attitude she had the whole time.  I think she laughed through the whole event!

Rhys riding between the lines.

And of course Bryn was there to cheer on her big bro and sis (and to chew on a cup!)

The kids had a blast, and it was fun watching them.  

A week after the Bike Rodeo was over, I had run into HEB  to pick up a few things before going to pick up the kids from school.  The kids were having an awards ceremony for the 1st nine weeks of school that afternoon, and I had thought about going, but decided not to.  I knew the ceremony was going to be recognizing the kids with all As, perfect attendance, box top winners, etc. but I didn't really think I needed to be there for anything.

A few minutes later, I got a text from a friend saying "Rhett just won the Bike Rodeo for kindergarten!"

WHAT?!  She sent me a picture of him with his trophy.  Of course I thought he did great at the event, but we had no idea that he would win first place!  I was disappointed that I had not made it to the assembly, and I couldn't wait to pick him up from school that day!

As I stood in the HEB check-out line, tears just started running down my cheeks.

Yes, I was proud of Rhett and excited that he won.  But it wasn't just about winning.

You see, that trophy means more than just 1st place.

That trophy is a reminder of God's faithfulness. Of his goodness. And of answered prayer.

That trophy is a testament to who God is.

As many of you know, when Rhett was an infant, we did not know if he would ever walk, run, or ride a bicycle.  The unknowns were scary.  And even when we were told that he would be able to walk, run, and ride a bike, we weren't sure what that was going to look like.

And 5 years later, that boy was not only participating in the Bike Rodeo, he won 1st place!

God is so, so good.

And I know in my heart that even if Rhett were not able to walk, run, or ride a bike, God would still be faithful. He would still be good.  And He would still reveal himself to me, likely through my children.

So I stood there in HEB and let those tears fall, with a smile on my face.  Because He is so, so good to me.

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  1. Misty, that is such a PRECIOUS story, and I am so glad that you shared it with us. We always need to be reminded of God's Goodness & Faithfulness, but sometimes when we aren't looking, those reminders seem to hit us "out of the blue"! Rhett's story is a PERFECT example. Love ALL you guys so much!