Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rhett Plays Soccer

This past spring we signed Rhett up for our neighborhood soccer program.  This was his first organized sport to play, and the first activity he participated in without Rhys.

Tim decided to help coach Rhett's team, and it was a fun season for both of them!

We noticed that Rhett seemed to love the weekly practice.  He enjoyed running drills, playing the games, etc.  Here is Rhett before his first practice.

 Tuesday night practice.

Rhett had a huge crowd for his first game, since it also happened to be the day of R&R's birthday party!  We had fun with Bdad & Gram, Sugar, and Mike & Erin who all cheered Rhett on.  I am sad I didn't get a better picture of our group.  Here is Gram, Rhys and I at the game.

Team stretches...

Lots of running!

Had a great 1st game!

As the season went on, we realized that while he loved practices, he didn't really love the weekend games as much. We noticed he wasn't very aggressive during the games, so I asked him why he didn't want to kick the ball. He told me that all the kids wanted to kick the ball at the game, so he would let them have their turn.

He did make a lot of progress throughout the season.  Rhett was so proud of himself for earning a trophy at the end of the season.

Rhett with Coach Cesar and daddy after the final game.

My favorite coach and player!

Of course, Rhys had to get in on a picture, too.

I wouldn't say that Rhett loved playing soccer, but I am so glad that he gave it a try.  He learned so much, made new friends, and developed several skills.  He has decided that he wants to play again this fall, and he even convinced Rhys to join his team.  We are looking forward to seeing how he does this next season.

And so far....I love being a soccer mom!  :)

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