Saturday, April 12, 2014

Piggy's Birthday

We celebrated Piggy's birthday on April 3.  Ever since her birthday in March, Rhys has been asking when Piggy's birthday was.  As many of you know, Piggy is Rhys' very special friend.  We decided to just pick a day and celebrate Piggy.  

I had the table set like this before the kids got up that morning.  When they came downstairs, they were SO excited to see the birthday hats, but the balloons were the biggest hit.

The birthday girl wearing some preemie pajamas that Rhys wore when she was little.

We had planned to make some banana cupcakes (banana bread muffins) but the bananas got eaten (OOPS), so we made a last minute change and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Rhys also told us that Piggy LOVES strawberries, so we added a couple to everyone's plate.

We even sang happy birthday...

and we blew out Piggy's candles for her.  She turned one year old, in case you were wondering.

Rhys was so proud and excited and I think she sang happy birthday to Piggy about 500 times all day long.

Daddy and Rhett enjoying Piggy's birthday breakfast.

The day before the party we took the kids to the dollar store and let them each pick out a gift for Piggy.  It was hilarious the things they considered.  Rhys ended up with a pink calculator, which she says is Piggy's phone, and Rhett chose one of those mini towels that you put in water and then it grows.  I think we were at the dollar store for over an hour choosing just the right gifts.  We kept telling Rhett that he could only hold one thing for Piggy.  Let's just say he had a lot of gift ideas!  

We had so much fun celebrating.  Happy 1st Birthday Piggy!

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