Sunday, November 17, 2013


We decided early in the year that the twins would dress as Duck Dynasty's Phil and Miss Kay for Halloween.  We got the idea after my mom bought Rhett a camouflage shirt.  We were joking about the idea for a Phil costume, but then decided to actually do it.  I think our little couple turned out adorable!

My mom sewed Rhys' apron, and surprisingly, she didn't mind wearing her little black wig.  Rhett wore the camo shirt, shorts, and a cool headband attached to his beard.  It was a little itchy (and hot!) but he kept it on most of the night.  He even wore his sunglasses in true Phil fashion!

Here is a picture of the twins right before we left to go Trick or Treating.  They weren't really sure what was going on, but were excited.

After a few houses, they really started getting into it.  They would stand at a door and say "trick or treat" over and over again until the door opened.  Then they would just stand there quietly.  We couldn't get them to understand they needed to say trick or treat again!

Rhys LOVED going door to door and filling her pink bag with candy.  Rhett got tired after a lot of walking and was ready to go home.  Rhys kept saying "little bit more?"  This surprised me because she is usually our shy and quiet one.  I guess her sweet tooth gave her a little more motivation!

Here is the crazy amount of candy we collected:

We let them pick one piece to eat Halloween night and they both chose fruit snacks.  LOL

And, because trick or treating is hard work, a corn dog to finish the night off.

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Halloween!  And, I'll close this post with some memories of the past couple of Halloween nights...

Twins' first Halloween (2011) - dressed as A&M football player and cheerleader

Halloween 2012 - Puppies!

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  1. So cute! I love how you included pictures of their first and second halloweens, too! It is so fun seeing them grow!