Saturday, November 12, 2011

And this is my life.

So, now that I am a MOM (Mother of Multiples) I tend to have the most interesting conversations with people.  Most of these people are strangers.  There is something about having twins that makes people think that they can ask you anything they want.  The sight of my double stroller and 2 babies leads these eager conversationalists to forget social boundaries and simple courtesy. 

I have had the following conversation at least a jillion times since the twins were born...

Yes, I have had someone ask me if my twins were "natural."  Who says that?

And this is my life.  It's a twin's life for sure.


  1. the video was hilarious and sad at the same time. There is definitely something about being pregnant or walking around with kids that triggers people to lose all social boundaries. I'm sure it's much worse with twins.

  2. LOVE this and so true. Mine is a bit different since they are both boys, I get the "They don't look anything alike?" Nope. "So they aren't identical?" Genius. Then being over in Italia, all the little men and ladies who run into me on our walks chat with me and end it with the, "you are the helper". They think I'm the nanny not the mom :) RHYS and RHETT are cutie pies!